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KublaCon Master Class Bronze

Ok so the title is a bit of a spoiler here but I entered my Librarian model into KublaCon's Painting competition. Despite it being my first real painting competition, for some reason I decided to put it up for the Master Class. Although Kubla's not the Crystal Brush awards, it does attract some supremely talented artists like Michael Kleinman, David Diamondstone and Seth Amsden. The competition was pretty fierce and I soon noticed that a individual model as the lone entry was well below what other participants were looking to do with busts, monsters and dioramas being the big hitters. Despite this, I was able to secure bronze in the Master Class at the con! I am very pleased with the result. I really love this model and it's great to have some recognition for it. I am currently waiting with baited breath for feedback (expecting 'needs more contrast') as I think this is really the best bit of a real painting contest.

The full list of winners can be seen here:

If yo…

A Duel to the ... paint

So when I start typing things on Facebook... bad things happen. This time it turns out I get myself embroiled in a duel... with a couple of the guys at my local FLGS... one of whom is an accomplished tournament painter (his entry into this year's crystal brush) more of his work can be found here. The other participant is also a talented painter who maintains a blog like mine here.
I should really not be allowed on the internet, it clearly gets me into a lot of trouble!

A pretty basic sculpt I think you'll agree, I think really we were trying to find a figure we all hated equally... Challenging our motivation as well as talent in making it not look shit. The store even advertised the event on their Facebook page:
Back to the figure...
This is a promotional figure that was made by West Wind miniatures for their Secrets of the Third Reich preorder (I think). He is a Soviet Mech Pilot by the name of Konstantin Samokhin and it really isn't the most impressive of sculpts. It wa…

More Monster Block Dice!

I have a love affair with the Monster Block Dice figures that Fanath put out. I bought a full set and it wasn't long before I knew I needed extras to give me enough for two teams to have as many as they'd need.
By the end of 2016 I'd painted up six of the seven I had acquired (the blue guy is still a work in progress).
These miniatures have been out for a while and I think the molds are starting to get a little the worse for wear (which would also explain why the models are getting harder to find), but they are just so cool... so:

This time around I decided to use my airbrush for most of the models. There were a few stages to this:
Airbrush Stynylrez Black PrimerAirbrush zenithal highlight of Stynylrez WhiteAirbrush Vallejo Livery GreenAirbrush Secret Weapon Algae Green washDrybrush Livery Green mixed with some Vallejo Neon Green
All this gets the green color down in record time. It looks great and can be done in a day.
Base of GW Rhinox Hide for the darkest recesses of eye…

Vote for a winner!

Howdy folks!
I have been hard at work with painting and have some more blog posts coming up but for now I would like to help get some voting going for a contest we have at our local game store (Game Kastle Mountain View)

I recently got into a painting Duel with a couple of the staff and the winner is to be determined by a blind vote!
We all started with the same model:

 Each of the three of us then painted up our version:

I won't tell you which is mine until voting closes when I will let you know the winner and how I made mine. I may even do some interviews with the other two duellers. In the meantime:

If you are local to Mountain View - Please drop by the store and vote!

- Raggy, signing out

Some weekend work

The big thing I did this weekend as finish of my piece for a painting duel with The Hobby Sensei and Carlos the Awesome. This is something that I have promised not to post any photos of until the voting is over so as not to bias the results but you can track it all on Game Kastle Mountain View's Facebook Page:

Having finished that off, I painted up Wendy Adams from the Arkham Files. All of models I have for Arkham Files come from the Mansions of Madness games but I tend to prioritize painting the ones that have character cards for other games, particularly Arkham Horror Card Game.

I am about to start a new D&D session with Carlos the Awesome and have to paint up my character, a smith's son that turned to fighting to make a name for himself:

I've also been working on some sculpting. A minotaur for my Chaos Dwarf team and Varag Ghoul Chewer's hand (A friend gave me the model which was incomplete).

Finally, as part of my quest to fill in the gaps in the Blood Bowl te…

Introducing the Miragliano Union!

Well it took long enough... After several months, I have finally finished the Miragliano Union. They made their debut on the field of battle last night, stalling an Orc team to a 1-1 draw and training my Thrower to Hail Mary Pass early in the season. Not the most tactically sound skill but I love the idea of being able to get the ball a long way, fast. Not just to get it to a catcher down field but also to get the ball out to prevent teams bearing down on me from scoring. We will see how it plays out.

The second half opened to this:
That's right... it was a pitch invasion that saw the fans apparently a lot less happy with the Elves than the Orcs. I blame the unexpectedly large fan turn out for WAAAGH-Tang Clan.

The second half of the game saw a traditional Orc cage slowly grind down the stadium:

- Raggy, signing out

Painting by numbers

Recently I stumbled upon a link that I have seen floating around the web before but it is a useful resource and I wanted to have it down somewhere for future reference - Painting equivalency chart.

But that's not why you all are reading this is it? You're here to see what I've been upto. Well...
Spent the weekend with the Airbrush and got some minis ready for some further attention:

I made a little more headway with some Arkham horror minis:

Wendy Adams, as one of the Arkham Horror Card Game characters, gets priority treatment when painting:

Worked on some more reroll markers:

All in all a productive weekend:

I also put some zenithal highlighting onto my Ashigaru... a little too subtle but:

In addition to all these fun and games I have gotten myself into a painting duel... I will have a full post on that in a couple of weeks, once it's all wrapped up and the votes are in.

- Raggy, signing out