Some weekend work

Introducing Wendy Adams!

The big thing I did this weekend as finish of my piece for a painting duel with The Hobby Sensei and Carlos the Awesome. This is something that I have promised not to post any photos of until the voting is over so as not to bias the results but you can track it all on Game Kastle Mountain View's Facebook Page:

Having finished that off, I painted up Wendy Adams from the Arkham Files. All of models I have for Arkham Files come from the Mansions of Madness games but I tend to prioritize painting the ones that have character cards for other games, particularly Arkham Horror Card Game.

These models are quick and fun to paint.Wendy Adams is done

I am about to start a new D&D session with Carlos the Awesome and have to paint up my character, a smith's son that turned to fighting to make a name for himself:
Shield currently missing

I've also been working on some sculpting. A minotaur for my Chaos Dwarf team and Varag Ghoul Chewer's hand (A friend gave me the model which was incomplete).
Are those tentacles? Ugly Green mitt

Finally, as part of my quest to fill in the gaps in the Blood Bowl teams I have already painted up. A few of them are missing a coach or an apothecary so I am going back to fill in the gaps. This is the apothecary for my Amazon team: the Piranha Swamp Steelers...
Soulstone Blue GW paint in action

And also painting up some more reroll markers. These things are a ton of fun to paint up, the level of detail is just enough to give you ideas without getting too fiddly.
Monsters coming to life!

- Raggy, signing out