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Stripping models

I have talked in the past about my reticence to strip models. Particularly my own. (In summary - if you want to paint a model again that badly - you can probably find somewhere online that sells it, there's value in holding onto examples of old work). Even with second hand models - I often find you can paint over the previous work as long as it's not too thick... sadly an eBay rescue I picked up the other day was too far gone for a simple paint over and so I was forced to explore the options available to me. In the past I was in the UK, stripping lead models and I got to mess with Nitromors - the big daddy of paint stripping. Unfortunately it's potent enough that it'll take plastic along with paint into a sorry goop and so I needed to source some alternative. I tapped into the CK Alumni community for some advice and was pointed in the direction of this gem of a video: I can't express how much I value controlled testing of hobby products like this. They are v