More Monster Block Dice!

I have a love affair with the Monster Block Dice figures that Fanath put out. I bought a full set and it wasn't long before I knew I needed extras to give me enough for two teams to have as many as they'd need.
Photo from 2016 bragging post
By the end of 2016 I'd painted up six of the seven I had acquired (the blue guy is still a work in progress).
These miniatures have been out for a while and I think the molds are starting to get a little the worse for wear (which would also explain why the models are getting harder to find), but they are just so cool... so:

Dice after stage three detailed below

This time around I decided to use my airbrush for most of the models. There were a few stages to this:
  1. Airbrush Stynylrez Black Primer
  2. Airbrush zenithal highlight of Stynylrez White
  3. Airbrush Vallejo Livery Green
  4. Airbrush Secret Weapon Algae Green wash
  5. Drybrush Livery Green mixed with some Vallejo Neon Green

  6. All this gets the green color down in record time. It looks great and can be done in a day.

  7. Base of GW Rhinox Hide for the darkest recesses of eyes, teeth and bandages.
  8. Layer over with mixes through Vallejo's Filthy Brown up to Coat D'Arms Bone.
  9. The mice were kind of ad-libbed one in grey, the other in brown.
  10. The band aids were based with Army Painter Fur Brown and then layered up to Army Painter Tanned Flesh for that ugly off flesh color.
The finished result:
Brown Mouse gonna get snacked on
I think I really improved the tongue on the newer dice compared to my original effort.

Grey Mouse gonna get snacked on
I am pleased with the bloodshot eye effect here and the right hand one going cross-eyed to see the mouse he's captured.

Mummy dice

Of the last two the one on the left is one of the originals that I painted up. I used washes on the the bandages of that one but tried leaving that out on the newer one. It shows a little but there is still good color gradation despite this. I also haven't gloss varnished the new dice yet... waiting for the humidity to drop some.

Well I hope you enjoyed this look into my process. I am currently back to speed painting minis for Test of Honour - I'll post about that next week but I should have a post on the painting competition coming over the weekend!

- Raggy, signing out