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The Battle of Sekigahara

Well I have been away for the last week and a bit in Birmingham with my Fiancée's family, learning to drive and playing the occasional game. It was a great week and I am now back at work feeling much better for it. Nothing much else to report as it has been a couple of weeks since I last went to the gaming club or got any RPGs or Wargames on the table. I suppose the biggest news is that I have gone back to painting. I had a long period where it just wasn't clicking and I found the whole experience very frustrating and unpleasant as I was left unable to do anything to my satisfaction. I ended up limiting myself to a few pieces of scenery and priming minis... well I ran out of primer and got bored of scenery so I have cautiously re-entered the world of painting actual figures. I am however already suffering from ADHD... I am still working my way through zombies, so many zombies... and then I find some half painted dwarves... I LOVE the dwarves from the Skull Pass box. I think


Well, I am now looking to get printing... I am a huge fan of World Works Games and in particular their new modular scenery system called TerrainLinx. I have had a load of files of theirs for some time but I have finally resolved to make a start on fabricating some of their stuff en mass. This means a few initial expenses for me, as I sort out getting a new printer, CISS to reduce printing costs, Card, Foam Core, spray mount and various other bits and pieces... Quite an undertaking! It is also not helped by the company being Canadian so much of the measuring and specs provided are in Imperial gobbledegook. So as I go along I will be making notes in this blog to hopefully help me along... Printer: Canon iP4700 CISS: Opus UV Range Paper:160gsm + Foamcore: 5mm-8mm Spray Mount: 3M EDIT: I have now got a Canon iP4700 with CISS all up and running! The thing works great! Now to get some spraymount, foamcore and get going! - Raggy, signing out!

My Will is weak...

Well a couple of weeks ago, I went back up to my old Uni and met up with some friends who told me about the latest game to come out of Spartan Games... Dystopian Wars, well I succumbed. I picked up a Rulebook, Deck of Cards, and Empire of the Blazing Sun starter fleet (I would've got a carrier as well but there were none in stock). I am in the process of painting them up and hoping to get a game in this weekend. It has also prompted me to go back and review my existing Spartan stuff. I have a Dindrenzi Fleet for Firestorm: Armada and a random collection of stuff for Uncharted Seas. Looking at it now, I clearly got carried away and I want to cut back and consolidate into two fleets for each system. One of my problems is that there is quite a lot of overlap with other people who live near me. Of the 4 other players in my area the only other Firestorm player has Dindrenzi and of the two Uncharted players, one has Iron Dwarves... This is a bit of a frustration. I think I may end up s