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The Great Burger Experiment... Part 2

Carrying on with our experimentation... Today we looked into a couple of ingredient factors of the patty. Day 2 - Burger meat Recipe (per burger): 60g 12% fat Beef 30g 20% fat Pork 1/2 Egg 1g Pepper 1g Salt 40g finely chopped Onion 20g finely chopped Onion + 20g finely chopped Chestnut Mushrooms 20g finely chopped Onion + 20g finely chopped Chestnut Mushrooms + 0.5g each of cumin powder, chilli powder, coriander powder + 1/2 clove garlic Preparation: Egg whisked Beef & other ingredients mixed into Egg Thoroughly mixed all ingredients together to form an even mixture Mixture split into patties of 120g each (roughly 1/4lb), 1cm thick Results: The mince mix came out better this time with the thinner patties helping a lot. It was good to see that they help together - something I was very worried about initially. The breadcrumbs were excluded but I don't think we need the egg either. The onions really added a lot of moisture to the burgers and they act

The Great Burger Experiment... Part 1

I'm afraid it may be a while before I can get some painting updates on the site... in the meantime I present my quest to define the perfect Burger. Living now in the UK, I am already feeling the loss of my traditional American staples and figured that a good bonding experience with my father would be a series of controlled experiments in making the perfect hamburger.  I need to write up my notes on this process somewhere, and this seemed to be as good a place as any for that. Day 1 - Burger thickness and thumb printing Recipe: 500g 20% fat Beef 187g Fine Breadcrumbs 1 Egg 1g Pepper 1g Salt Preparation: Egg whisked Beef, Breadcrumbs and Pepper mixed into Egg Thoroughly mixed all ingredients together to form an even mixture Mixture split into 4 patties of 157g each (roughly 1/3lb): 3cm thick patty 3cm thick patty with thumbprint 2cm thick patty 2cm thick patty with thumbprint Salt outside of patties Results: This is a pretty terrible burger mix

An experiment in Weathering Powders (picture heavy)

In the grim darkness of the future, a marine waits... for redemption. In my previous post , I talked about how I got the super bright reds for my Blood Angel Terminators. In this piece we look at the first of the marines that I finished painting - the dead terminator. I have trawled the internet trying to find this Marine's name however I have had no success - If anyone finds out the name of this brave soldier, please let me know! I chose this figure as my test piece, allowing me to figure out the paint scheme without risking damaging the 'unit cohesion' of the actual units in the game. Any differences could be put down to this marine being from a previous era. Having gotten the base red down, I quickly painted up the throne as a simple stone throne with carvings. Drybrushing is still my favorite way to get a good stone effect, I think I should have gone a little heavier on the edge highlighting (this is also true for the armour). Once the throne was done, I

Painting Red... a must for Blood Angels players

I'll fully admit, I never really 'got' the appeal of Blood Angels... they seemed a little bipolar and they were red... not my favorite color and not an easy one to paint. As a child, back when I still played 40k, Ultramarines were my legion of choice. More recently I picked up an airbrush and attended an excellent class, that I have mentioned before, run by CK Studios . This class really gave me the confidence to get my airbrush out and use it on virtually every model I paint (at least for priming). The class had us painting a Contemptor Dreadnought and I decided on using this as a chance to work on my painting of red having encountered a lot of frustration in this area and figured that a Blood Angels Contemptor would help me get tips from our teacher Caleb. The result is a very interesting trick that allows for rapid painting of a true red, with shading and highlight using an airbrush. More recently I picked up Space Hulk and, instead of painting the Terminators in th