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2018 Year in Review

Warning: I'm a numbers guy... there's a lot of that in this post!

Well, I posted a few months ago that I had already completed my resolution to paint 365 minis in 2018. At that time I set myself a stretch goal of 500 minis!!! Soooo how did I do on that one? Well...

I didn't paint 500 minis from scratch in the year, but I completed 511 minis in 2018 and another 45 smaller pieces. A really healthy total I think. I feel like this year has taken me a long way toward getting back on top of that lead mountain. There is still a lot to do but I honestly think that I could be realistically on top of things by the end of 2019 if I continue with the same mindset.
Carry over: (22 + 11 small)Space Hulk: 

Mansions of Madness: 
2xShoggoths, 2xCthonians, 1xDark Young, 1xDunwich Horror

Blood Bowl: 
Wood Elf & Chaos Apothecaries, Ball Marker

Warhammer Underworlds: 

Lady Morrigan



Completed: (489 + 34 small)23 Space Hulk: 
20xSpace H…

Warhammer 40k Conquest magazine - Ultramarines

As you may know, I have been working on the models that come with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest magazine. You can follow my work on the Space Marines in my new video series.

This article is to accompany that series to provide folks with the steps in written form to allow them to follow along at home.

As I called out in the show - it's important to keep detailed notes of the steps taken in order to be able to reproduce for later units.

Basic shopping list: Paints + Brush - GW Set (includes Clippers) £25/$40 / Army Painter Starter £25/$30 (Clippers - Army Painter Side Clippers £10/$12)
Spray primer - GW Chaos Black £12 / Rustoleum Painter's Touch Flat Black Primer ~$4
Baking Parchment (Parchment Paper US) / Morrison's Baking Parchment (UK) Reynold's Parchment Paper (US) ~£2/$2
Kitchen Towel - Get the better thicker stuff ~£1/$1
Cheap lunchbox/tupperware container ~£1/$1
Water cup ~£1/$1
Spray varnish - GW Munitorum £12 / Army Painter Anti-Shine £11 / Testors Dullcoat ~$6

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest Magazine - Poxwalkers

I have been working on the models that come with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest magazine. You can follow my work on the Space Marines in my new video series. In order to keep pace with the magazines, I am doing the Death Guard outside of this series and using a few more advanced tricks to see how quickly I can paint up a cool looking army.

This post is going to track what I've done with the poxwalkers. Partly to help others but also so I have a clear record of what I did for when more of them come in future issues (I think there will be 32 to paint in total).

Assembly: (1hr)Clip parts off of sprueScrape mould linesAssemble and glue

Airbrushing: (2hrs)Prime with chaos black primer.Airbrush zenithal with Kislev flesh. (I used Army Painter barbarian flesh with these models but Kislev Flesh is a good proxy.) This should be a generous zenithal rotating down to almost perpendicular with the model.Add inks to patches of skin. This is what really Drakenhoff Nightshade for tentaclesCarrosburg Cr…

Dwarven Slayers Strike! (Part 2 - Strike Harder)

Last month I left you with this picture: (in this post)

So the next step is of course to cover all that work!

Why? Well because I wanted to get the weapons done and like with the helmet - there was enough risk of overspray that I wanted to protect the rest of my work on the model. This was my first real effort at NMM through airbrushing having done a bit more of a hand-waving effort with the helmets (see last week). The weapons really needed to read like metal so to get this I started dark and then brought the colours up lighter and lighter:

Started with a coat of VMA Black
With VMA in the cup I would add some Stynylrez white
Each pass would see more White introduced for about 4 layers
The final layer was a very light grey rather than 'white' this allowed me to go in and do a final highlight by hand of the brightest points.
Do get a metallic sheen, Highlights were often done as radial streaks on the curved weapons by moving the airbrush quickly back and forth perpendicular to…

Getting into Minis on a Budget - Episode 1 is live!

The first episode of my new series is live and up on my YouTube channel! Check it out and if you like it, then give me a follow!
- Raggy, signing out

NEW Weekly Livestream: Getting into the Hobby on a budget!

Hi everyone!
I wanted to announce a new weekly YouTube Livestream I will be doing over on my channel.

Weekly Live Stream Thursdays 8pm GMT / 3pm ET / 12pm PT
The idea of the show is to go through getting into the Hobby from scratch with as tight a budget as possible. I will be looking at where you can cut corners and where you can't and I'll be painting a few models holding myself to the same restriction.

As this will be a live stream - I'll be answering questions as I go which will hopefully help people with specific issues and capture elements I haven't considered.

Basic shopping list:
Paints + Brush - GW Set (includes Clippers) £25/$40 / Army Painter Starter £25/$30 (Clippers - Army Painter Side Clippers £10/$12)Spray primer - GW Chaos Black £12 / Rustoleum Painter's Touch Flat Black Primer ~$4Baking Parchment (Parchment Paper US) / Morrison's Baking Parchment (UK) Reynold's Parchment Paper (US) ~£2/$2Kitchen Towel - Get the better thicker stuff ~£1/$1Che…