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Frosty the unwanted varnish snowman...

I'm sure it's happened to others of you reading this blog... that moment when Frosty comes and sh*ts all over your painstakingly painted model. In this blog I am looking into how to try and undo the damage without completely stripping and repainting the model. This whole endeavor came about because I was rushing too much. I had backed a fantasy football team to use for Blood Bowl and the football that came as a stretch goal I offered to a friend. I needed a break from my Pro Elf Spartans so decided to knock the mini out in an evening. It was all going swimmingly until I stepped out onto the porch to varnish the figure... of course it's tipping it down and the result was a ruined paint job: Sooo what can I do to fix this? The first resource I found seemed to promote the use of a hairdryer... I tried this but was scared of damaging the paint with an overly high temperature and was unable to see any noticeable improvement. Well this article seemed to suggest that

Updates on Pro Elves - NMM

Well I have finally finished my test model for the color scheme. The more I paint them... the less 'elfy' they are looking to me which kind of sucks. I lightened up the skin some to try and bring that back a bit. Here are the last few stages in getting him finished off. First the NMM armor getting finished: What do you think? After that I washed the Red, the helmet bristles and the flesh. Next the NMM silver, paling down the flesh, dirtying the trousers and the armor: - Raggy, signing out

Raggy Plays - Teaching you how to play Boardgames

I have made allusions to this before but I have launched a new YouTube channel called Raggy Plays . The show will run in seasons of 12 episodes, teaching people how to play board games. Please check them out and share them with everyone you know! - Raggy, signing out

On to the next Blood Bowl team!

So it's been a whole week since I finished off The Carnal Cavaliers so clearly it's time for the next Blood Bowl team. I am doing something slightly different with this team compared to the last few teams - I have decided to go back to the old 'paint a test piece first' method. I'd gotten lazy about doing this because what invariably happens is I paint it up the way I initially planned... so what's the point? Welll yeah but I think what I fail to remember are all the little changes that are made along the way. In the case of the pro elves I had an initial plan of painting them up like the Michigan State mascot: But I soon realized that I wanted to really paint bronze armor. Non Metallic Metal is one of the techniques I really want to work on improving and this is a great opportunity, lots of metal on show to really work with. It's going to take a lot longer to paint this up because NMM really requires a lot of layering with fine gradient shifts to loo

Bubblegum Crisis - Boomers!

So I've just finished my current Blood Bowl team, the league is two weeks in and I should definitely be focused on painting up my next team... and well I have to admit that I am struggling a little to get excited by them. I am sure they will get done, but the scheme I want calls for a LOT of NonMetallicMetal bronze (see my next post for more details). Sooo instead of actually making headway with them, I have taken to a couple of diversions. You already saw the two skeletons I painted in a few minutes, I also have a unit of Mantic Skeleton Troops that have been started. These all got dug out as I was looking for volunteers for Zenithal Priming treatment for my homework for Miniature Monthly . In addition to those, some ooolld figures of mine also got unearthed. 25mm Bubblegum Crisis models from Ground Zero Games. I took the larger ones for my Zenithal Priming and Finished up the Boomers the other night: What amazed me was taking these down my FLGS, how many people remember Bu

Introducing the Carnal Cavaliers

STOP THE PRESS!!! Before I get into this blog post; I would like to promote my latest project: Please check it out, share it with friends and subscribe ! Follow us on Facebook These guys got a little held up as I rushed to get the goblins ready for the West Coast Quake but after that these, guys got knocked out in record time. My NMM has gotten a little smoother but there is still a lot of work to do on my technique. I still struggle with the red and pink shading and highlighting but overall I am very happy with the way these guys came out. - Raggy, signing out