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One last try, before I fly

So I am about to head back to the UK for a few weeks to say hi to the parental units, catch up with friends and work really antisocial hours to keep in touch with the US. This hard deadline had held me back from taking on any major projects (like painting my next Blood Bowl team!) but it has pushed me to give painting up some rank and file miniatures a go. Looking back, it really is pretty remarkable to me what I have managed to get done in a week. Well it was a bit of a mad rush to get these all painted up but in very slightly over a week I have managed to go from primed to fully painted for: 15 Ashigaru Yari 12 Giant Rats 11 Giant Bats 10 Giant Spiders There is no doubt that this is a record productive week: Now there are is a bit of a disclaimer here. Firstly the Ashigaru were already primed Green, taking out a lot of the work, secondly my test model was mostly painted already so really it is only 14 Ashigaru and finally they may not be fully finished! I a

Exercises in Speed Painting

Well, today I have some exciting news! A single post that contains a whole shit load of 'things I have meant to do for ages'! Ok well it's exciting for me at least. Ashigaru troops have been a well known and slow progress on this blog, but predating even them are a collection of figures from the old Warhammer Quest box (not the newfangled Age of Shitemar one!).  I don't have a full set but a bunch of the humanoid and smaller baddies intended for use in RPGs & dungeon crawl boardgames. I also have this beauty: In combination with the Army Painter Coloured Primers: As you can tell, this is clearly a winning combination! A few test subjects survived my initial testing of this idea; a couple of rats who have already been redipped after a little extra paint work and one Ashigaru trooper to test the colour scheme (more on him later). Of course they are very shiny right now but once I have tidied them up and added some Matt Varnish, they are going to (I hope)

Misrepresenting the facts...

Well I was looking at my collection and I noticed that there were a few games that I was sure I hadn't played five times but I didn't recall being on my list. I took another look at the list of games I had. It turns out that I had made an erroneous assumption in my original formulation. One of the things I wanted to do was exclude the games that I don't log as games, perhaps because they are expansions or think of them as expansions. Simple, I thought, I only have one unplayed game (as stated in my Owned & Unplayed geeklist ) - Hybrid so I will just take that and add any other games with 1 to 5 plays and bingo I have a list! Ahhhh well dear reader, can you see the flaw here? Allow me to elaborate: My 'Owned & Unplayed' list contains games I own but have never played... but I played games before I started logging plays... the result is a bunch of games that I have played but never recorded a play on the Geek... *facepalm* This whole situation leaves me wi


Wow, it's so much faster painting a single figure than a team. In a couple of hours, I have already managed to get one of these two almost fully painted up: I am a little annoyed at the Google Photo animator because these two gifs are made with the same number of slides and yet somehow the animation speeds are completely different... it is really irritating.

Amazons complete!

Well it's been a very long week... not least because I worked a five day week for the first time in a while! I did manage to get my Amazon team fully painted... not quite before playing my last game with them sadly as I had to step out of the post season due to work commitments. But here they are in all their glory: I am not super happy with them. The paint chipping due to play while painting was beyond frustrating and I am a little less convinced that my priming addressed all the issues with the resin. The finish on the figures is ok but truthfully I just got a bit sick of them and didn't highlight to my satisfaction just so that I could stop looking at them. My next project is a couple of figures for some friends who are attending Kublacon and playing some Pathfinder games. They are not painters but want some nice figures to use so I offered to paint them up. It will be a nice break doing a couple of fancy figures rather than the batch painting that I have become a


I now have lots of assembled Blood Bowl figures to paint up (and I still haven't finished the Amazons!): My boardgaming partner in crime (and obsession), Mr G , came out to Cali to visit me recently and helped me get a few plays knocked off the list, including getting Hybrid to the table! This leaves me with only 5 (non LotR LCG) games on the Unplayed list  and a slim chance of getting all of them off the charts by the end of the year. (I have no idea how I will clear the LotR stuff, however I think I am likely to stop picking up new packs come the end of this cycle.) Hybrid 1 4 Dominoes 1 4 DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game 1 4 Hatch: the Dragonology Card Game 1 4 Munchkin Quest 1 4 Spyfall 1 4 Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game 1 4 Takenoko 4 1 Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 3 – The Heart of Africa 1 4 Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 4 – Nederland 1 4 Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 – United Kingdom & Pennsylvania 2 3 Catacombs 2 3