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Horror Unleashed

I've been working hard to catch up on my mini/day target having slipped some 40 days behind schedule. Things aren't as bleak as that may initially indicate however as I've already done a lot of prep work on both my Mansions of Madness minis and Descent minis ahead of my trip to Ireland. Now that I am on that trip, I am in a position to churn out quite a number of minis pretty quickly. A lot of the monsters were painted up mostly by the airbrush during this prep stage, leaving just the finishing touches for me to do. The minis are also generally a pretty rough quality so I have no issues with being a little rough and ready in how I finish them. Having said that - you put them all together and suddenly they look pretty damn good. Of course the keen eyed among you will notice that this is not quite everything in the set... even after all this time, I'm still working on the last few monsters and investigators... stay tuned for updates. Update: Sept 3rd 2018 Mon

Oi Nutter! Painting up some Worms minis

If you use Instagram please follow me:   I will be posting one pic/day so you're feed won't get overloaded! I have been sitting on a set of rules for a 'Worms' style wargame for years now... more than a decade in fact now I think about it... oh gods I'm old... sigh. Anyway... in all that time, I've never actually played a game using these rules. Soo I got some friends over and cracked them out (along with a couple of games of Test of Honour! More in another post no doubt). I was spurred into this by also having starting to paint up many of the worms minis that I had bought back then (and more recently to build out the collection). The  worms miniatures can be found at Ironclad miniatures’ Grubs line and also MJ Figures’ Worms range So I thought I would write up a quick post on how I painted these chaps up. The minis are older sculpts and it shows in the casting - they needed quite a lot of cleaning,

GenCan't Painting Contest: Sketch Style

Sooo 2018, it's all about a mini/day... and I'm falling behind... my solution? Spend 4 days painting a mini for a contest... I have problems with my decision making. I am considering seeking help. Stay Tuned on how that turns out. Buuuut back to the topic at hand. After hearing Suzanne of The Dice Tower hyping GenCan't - I decided to join in and soon saw that there was going to be a mini painting contest! Very short window, fast turn around and so I thought 'why not'. Well I needed to find a mini that was already primed as I have packed away my Airbrush as the heat is just drying paint in the cup too fast. I unearthed some of the BloodBowl minis that I'd prepped at the same time as Max SpleenRipper and my Chaos Pact team . One of the models was my intended proxy for the classic 'Lord Borak the Despoiler'. I was never a big fan of the original sculpt - he wasn't imposing or dynamic enough for a 'Star Player'. Lord Borak is also t


So Ahriman... the last of the Burning of Prospero box to get painted up. I have been working on him for a while. I had a very clear idea in my mind to paint him up in a 'Candy Apple Red' colour with the kind of glossy metallic finish. It was a bit of an experiment for me. I had a couple of source videos that I referenced throughout this process. Particularly to help out with the armour. Unlike most of the rest of the box, I paid some attention to the ' Official GW ' but also supplemented this with this groovy little video . I will try not to reiterate or belabour points made in those videos and instead focus on what I learned in doing this model. Also a warning - this is another model that fell into the period where I wasn't taking many photos mid-work. I started off with some quick airbrushing to get some nice textured metallic silvers down... and made my first mistake. Regular readers know my dislike of metallics and the result is that I don't actuall