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Samurai are on the rise

Well, Thanksgiving has been and gone. It is in fact my first Thanksgiving spent here in the US and I have very much enjoyed it. The idea of a holiday where you reflect on all the things you have to be thankful for, really is a fantastic idea. (We will leave aside the savage origin of the holiday and the horrific superficiality and undermining of the concept of Thanks that is Black Friday). I spent the holiday with my attention a little split as I was on call for work so having to cover a few issues as the holiday progressed. While I was not over eating / providing emergency support however - I was busy getting my yari ashigaru ready for war! Due to a lost leg early on in the process (several months ago now), I only have 99 of the 100 troops available but this is plenty to be getting on with. You may have seen a teaser photo a couple of weeks ago of loose parts in containers. Those were assembled torsos and legs. This long weekend I got arms, heads, banners and bases attach

See ALL the movies

Whilst I was on my rotation in Mountain View two years ago, I started posting in my MTV blog about the movies I was seeing, mostly as a quick, easy way of generating some blog posts. With my resuscitation of this blog, my favourite blog and with the other blog moving focus to more food based interests; I have decided to move this segment to this blog for fills between wargaming and mini painting updates. With the Thanksgiving / Christmas season imminent, the timing is perfect for this revival. Looking back at the list, having largely ignored it for two years, it is really pretty disappointing to see that I have only seen one film on the list in that time. This does at least highlight the value of actively looking at the list and blogging about it seems to really drive me to watch these movies! Fargo - a loan from a friend back when I was in the UK. This is a Coen Brothers movie and as such I would normally dismiss it instantly however I did love this film. Bad stuff happening to im