Painting by numbers

Recently I stumbled upon a link that I have seen floating around the web before but it is a useful resource and I wanted to have it down somewhere for future reference - Painting equivalency chart.

But that's not why you all are reading this is it? You're here to see what I've been upto. Well...
Spent the weekend with the Airbrush and got some minis ready for some further attention:

I made a little more headway with some Arkham horror minis:

Wendy Adams, as one of the Arkham Horror Card Game characters, gets priority treatment when painting:
Looking a little ghostlyWhoooo...

Worked on some more reroll markers:
so blurry

All in all a productive weekend:
Obligatory Painting station picture

I also put some zenithal highlighting onto my Ashigaru... a little too subtle but:
Look they're green... very slightly varying shades of green

In addition to all these fun and games I have gotten myself into a painting duel... I will have a full post on that in a couple of weeks, once it's all wrapped up and the votes are in.

- Raggy, signing out