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Carry on Movieing

After some hold ups caused by not watching movies. A Marlon Brandon double feature knocks a couple more off the list. The Hunt got started but needs to be finished off. 66 Films still to watch: (Bold are on Netflix at time of writing) 52 Django Unchained (2012) 102 Witness for the Prosecution (1957) 106 A Separation (2011) 107 Yojimbo (1961) 117 On the Waterfront (1954) 119 The Seventh Seal (1957) 123 The Kid (1921) 125 Scarface (1983) 126 Rebecca (1940) 127 Wild Strawberries (1957) 130 Ran (1985) 131 Ikiru (1952) 133 Touch of Evil (1958) 135 The Gold Rush (1925) 136 Cool Hand Luke (1967) 137 It Happened One Night (1934) 140 Casino (1995) 152 Warrior (2011) 153 High Noon (1952) 154 The Secret in Their Eyes (2009) 156 Gone with the Wind (1939) 157 The Grapes of Wrath (1940) 159 Annie Hall (1977) 163 Notorious (1946) 165 Into the Wild (2007) 168 The Night of the Hunter (1955) 169 There Will Be Blood (2007

Nickel Gaming Update

So I have been a little busy this week with work and a project that I am working on for the new year. So instead of real, interesting updates... I have a status update on my Nickel list. The constant quest to get my games played at least 5 times each. This has not been a total success, but there has been some progress: --> Game Plays Remaining Roll for the Galaxy (2014) 5 0 Mystic Vale (2016) 5 0 Spyfall (2014) 5 0 Say Bye to the Villains (2012) 2 0 Munchkin Quest (2008) 1 0 RR (2010) 1 0 Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship (2016) 1 0 Eight Epics (2015) 1 0 Jamaica (2007) 4 1 Dystopian Wars (2010) 4 1 Creationary (2009) 4 1 Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game (2011) 4 1 Ruse (2014) 4 1 Kingdom Builder: Big Box (2014) 4 1 Ice Cool (2016) 4 1 Necromunda (1995) 3 2 Zombies!!! (2001) 3 2 Three-Dragon Ante (2005) 3 2 Formula D (2008) 3 2 Catacombs (2010) 3 2 Lift it! (2012) 3 2 Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails (2016) 3 2 Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Maiden on the Rock update

It is interesting that this model that I started painting on a whim has proven to become one of the most challenging models I have ever attempted to paint. I am now pretty far along. There is at least a base coat on all of the figure. I have done all the metal work in a Non-Metallic Metal style with some rusting that I am pretty pleased with. The hair will eventually be blonde after I have highlighted it up from the brown base it started at. I am not sure why it seems so dark on this picture. So with all of this done already, where's the difficulty? Well... there are two issues I am still facing. One is the sheer fabric/skin which I was expecting to be a major challenge as something that I hadn't attempted previously. The other thing that I really hadn't expected to have so much trouble with is the grass/moss/lichen... I just can't get it to be a color I a happy with. I think I need to do a little more research into the colors I should be looking for. If any

Support Staff

The local league is full swing into season 3. My game last week had one particularly interesting moment when a pitch invasion took out a huge chunk of the field: Hopefully my team will gain some discipline now that it has some properly painted up coaching staff: As you can see, along with the coach and apothecary, I have a couple of turn markers and ball boys... unfortunately the ball boys seem to have eaten the balls... probably because we aren't paying them enough to eat real food. - Raggy, signing out

All aboard the Chaos Train

Three more ReRoll markers are completed, leaving just one to be painted (a leader ReRoll). The eventual plan is to have a set of alternative ReRoll markers for the opposition but I am not too worried about getting them sorted for the time being. These guys are already taking a stand beside the field:  One thing I don't think I have shown on this blog before is a habit I have taken up this year of painting dates onto the underside of my painted minis. The idea of this is for me to be able to look back at my painting progress, how I have progressed, the changes that have been made, my rate of painting etc. It also in and of itself a easy way to practice freehand a little: These little buggers have made some progress, there is still quite a bit to do on them, but I hope to get them finished in the next week. I have made some slight progress with my Arkham minis. Behold... a Cultist! They're a little more colorful than most of the ones you see. I wanted to give an ethere

What's on the Table - October

So some headway with the Arkham Files investigators! I have actually now painted up all of the investigators that I had primed. I am probably going to put these aside for the moment so that I can focus on getting my Chaos Team painted up in time for the next season. Once they are sorted, I will get back and finish up the Investigators at least, hopefully get some of the monsters painted as well. One thing holding up the monsters is that I really want an airbrush for the blending to get really awesome supernatural color schemes on them. This model is really providing me with some great challenges to lear new techniques. I have been posting these on my G+ Painting . Rusty NMM and shear fabrics are the two main focuses although you can also see that I am trying to experiment with lichens and how to give them some personality. The coaching staff have made some good progress. I am actually already a bit further along than this pictures indicate but having been awa

The Green Meanies

A few weeks ago, I did a retrospective of my Ogres, showing the various developmental stages I had photographed on their way to the tabletop. It seemed to go down well with readers and so I thought I would make this a standard for any of the figures I have spent a reasonable amount of time working on. The Arkham Figures have not made the grade because I am often painting them in a single session so there is no opportunity to get photos of them in progress (I'm not about to stop and take a photo every few minutes folks, sorry!). However I have recently completed my first three reroll monsters the Green Meanies: As you can see - I really wasn't sure how to get the green I wanted initially and ended up doing each one a different way. It was actually the Mummy Monster that ended up being the closest to what I wanted for the green color. Eventually I was able to bring the others to this color. And now... 3D rotating AWESOMENESS of the finished figures: