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Post Salute recovery

Once again I missed out on the Thursday gaming session as I had a friend over, but with any luck I will be able to drag Lindsey along this week. The big news really was Salute 2011 which was a great experience. I picked up some free minis, including the gorgeous Orcs that Mantic were handing out. I think they will be the next thing I start to collect once I have caught up on the backlog a little. I met up with a load of friends and we spent most of the day wandering round and seeing what was on offer. I didn't pick up nearly as many things as I'd have liked but I did sell off a LOT of old figures and got some Coat D'Arms paints and some of the lovely Ironclad Miniatures' Grubs (Brits and Yanks) I am hoping to paint them up fairly quickly so that I can justify picking up the others. They are quite a bit larger than the ones Shieldwall did in the past which is a shame as I still have a few of those knocking about. After Salute on Saturday, there was more gaming to be

Mansions of Obsessive Madness

Thursday's Gaming session saw another two games of Mansions of Madness and it looks like this week coming I will be having a go as keeper! I am looking forward to it but given my total ineptitude with GMing, it could go pretty badly... we'll see. I have also recently discovered Go. It is a game I have wanted to try for a long time after making the mistake that I am sure a lot of others make of thinking it to be the same as Reversi. Having had a few games on my Android, I already enjoy it a huge amount more than Reversi, there are some really complex interactions possible that surprises me considering how limited similar games like Draughts and Reversi are. It is almost more like Chess or Shogi despite the lack of vaiable piece powers. I think the ability to pass and come back later and the theoretically unlimited pieces make for a more long-term game that has a more strategic element. On the painting front... not a great deal of progress, I am still working away at my Empir