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Chaos in Crete

Hello again people, A bit of a quiet week. I have continued to play the solo game of Arkham Horror for my session report. It is taking a while as I am playing a turn or two each evening. I am hoping I may get the game finished by the end of this week and get the write-up done by the end of next. I am really enjoying it and hopefully it will read well once I am finished. I didn't end up going to the Epsom Games Club as usual this week so my play count for the week is down somewhat on previous weeks, but I had the second session of Daring Tales of Adventure and afterwards got in a game of Citadels. This second game of Daring Tales came off a lot better than the first with a few injuries but no deaths and a successful outcome. I will be looking into writing up the adventures over time on the Obsidian Portal account, but haven't done much as of yet. I think that there is a distinct lack of interest from the group about keeping that sort of blog of the adventures so I may end u

Arkham Horror

Well after the game of Arkham Horror I played last week, I must confess to becoming a little addicted. I desperately want to pick up the card expansions, however these are being frustratingly elusive (not helped by the fact that most are now OOP). I have also thought about the big box expansions however I feel that the main problem with the game is the limited number of location cards rather than extra areas and the like so the card expansions remain my focus. Inspite of this I have decided to set up a solo game to play over the next few evenings. The idea is to record the session in detail and adapt it to a dramatic session report similar to this . I am a big fan of HP Lovecraft's writings and although in many instances his style is a little repetitive, there are some truly disturbed imaginings behind them. This particular game will look to run alongside The Call of Cthulhu's events that run between 28th February and 2nd April 1925. However instead of following the origina

Daring Tales of Failure

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new blog post and a new avatar for meee! Yeah so had some great gaming experiences in the last week. I finally got a play of Crokinole which is fun, had a try of Ghost Stories although I'm not convinced we played the rules correctly (It was virtually impossible at the easiest difficulty),  introduced some folks to Small World which went down well and also got in a game of Arkham Horror which was great fun. Every time I sit down and play a game of Arkham I come out thinking... I really must play that more often... and then never do. I might sit down and try a solitare game but I struggle to play boardgames solo... esp with so many video games totally unplayed (damn you Steam christmas sale!). The real highlight was getting to run a game of Daring Tales of Adventure. Three friends were in on the game and they didn't do very well at all. In fact they got blown up about a third of the way through the story. I think I am going

Boardgame Reviews

For those of you that don't know I am the lead boardgame reviewer for and I cross-post all my reviews on Board Game Geek. At the moment I am currently between review copies and looking at what games in my own collection I should post reviews for. If you would like to suggest something, pop over to my geek collection  and see if I own it and comment on this blog that you would like to see it reviewed! The current list I have come up with is: Race for the Galaxy Citadels Forbidden Island  Please do let me know what you would like to see reviewed!

Geeky Weeky

Well to be honest, it hasn't been that geeky a week... in fact there has been no mini painting in quite a while. Way back in October I realised that my painting was getting seriously bad. I persevered for a little while but as a result I just ended up getting more stressed out and the figures got worse. Since then I have only done a couple of bits of scenery which aren't demanding and don't need to be very detailed or particularly well painted. So what HAVE I been upto in the last week? Well... I picked up a copy of the special edition of Back to the Future and have worked my way through all three films and all the special features. I do like the first film, I don't think the other two hold up but you just gotta love the hoverboards! I have also been working my way through Sonic X season 1 which is great... until you listen to the Dub... oh dear... the crazy old man sounds like he is about 30 tops and the main kid is Veronica Taylor - the voice of Ash Ketchum meanin

Firestorm: Armada - Dindrenzi Federation fleet

Painting Scheme: Stands: Painted on the underside Mechrite Red cross and central square Skull White toothpaste flick Black primer Ships: Black primer Coat D'Arms Royal Blue basecoat Enchanted Blue drybrush Goblin Green exhausts Chaos Black vents, turrets, exhaust lining Rotting Flesh center of exhausts

New Years Resolutions 2011

Looking back on the last year and the resolutions post that started it off, it was a lousy year for the hobby. I also failed to get Lindsey to stop smoking... she is down, but that'll change as soon as she moves somewhere she doesn't have to hide it... So given the failure of the last year, what are the plans for the up-coming year? Well there are quite a few things I want to achieve. I have a new job having graduated... just. So I should be able to put more regular time into my hobbies. I also have a few other things that I want to do over the year so: Loose some weight. Uni was not good for my waistline and I need to loose some of it. Healthy eating, regular mealtimes and some walking to and from stations will hopefully offset the deskjob. Learn to Roller Blade. I started this the summer before last and I really want to pick it up again and hopefully become good enough to travel about on blades, I don't wanna be pulling tricks but good enough to skate around would b