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Painting Zone Mortalis Tiles

Painting a gaming table is always an intimidating prospect. We're used to painting little 28mm people, although the game boards are at the same scale, they're a different magnitude of project! I'd already taken on a couple of game board painting commissions this year (one for the old Citadel Realm of Battle boards and another for the Sector Imperialis boards). It was time to do a project for myself. I've been planning a Necromunda campaign with some buddies for a few months. A project to keep everyone occupied during Covid and to look forward to once things ease up, so what better project to work on than Zone Mortalis!? And if I'm going to all the effort of a Zone Mortalis set, I might as well up my game to make a full size gaming table (See Uncle Atom's wisdom in this regard here ) or as my old manager would put it - go big or go home - I think he was being rhetorical but I never tested it by actually going home. After years of being a GW addict, I've lear

An Exercise in the Study of Light

I recently picked up a copy of Figopedia by Jeremie Bonamant Teboul. It had been recommended to me a couple of years ago by Caleb Wisenback of CK Studios but I'd held off getting it as the shipping can be a little expensive. A recent group order however made it a lot more affordable and so I splashed out. I quickly worked my way through the first half of the book - the section on Light (my rapid progress was helped in no small part by the large quantity of images that really help you digest what Jeremie is expressing in his prose. One of the aspects discussed is having a clear impression of the source of light and how this reflects on the surface of the model. Now there are a lot of elements at play here (material, viewing angle, light proximity & brightness) and although it's something I have considered in my painting for a long while, it is often secondary to getting the colours right and the texturing detailed not to mention smoothing the blends. To this end I deci

Call to boycott AK Interactive *UPDATED*

This is a public letter I have posted here and elsewhere in response to marketing campaign and product put out by AK Interactive: Dear AK Interactive, "We're sorry you were offended" is not an apology. Profiting off of genocide is not acceptable. Pulling an apology less than a day after posting it smacks of insincerity. A book teaching people how to reproduce genocide in miniature is tasteless at best. Using such a book to push your products is vile. Using videos of genocide to market it without warning particularly given age of many hobbyists is beyond stupid. Pull the book, apologise and fire those responsible for the marketing and approval of this campaign. Dev - RaggyPaints PS: The outrage in English doesn't seem to make any impact so I've asked a friend to translate into Spanish for you. Estimado AK Interactive, "Lamentamos que se sienta ofendido" no equivale a una disculpa. Aprovecharse de un genocidio con el fin de obtener ganancias, no es acept