KublaCon Master Class Bronze

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Ok so the title is a bit of a spoiler here but I entered my Librarian model into KublaCon's Painting competition. Despite it being my first real painting competition, for some reason I decided to put it up for the Master Class. Although Kubla's not the Crystal Brush awards, it does attract some supremely talented artists like Michael Kleinman, David Diamondstone and Seth Amsden. The competition was pretty fierce and I soon noticed that a individual model as the lone entry was well below what other participants were looking to do with busts, monsters and dioramas being the big hitters. Despite this, I was able to secure bronze in the Master Class at the con! I am very pleased with the result. I really love this model and it's great to have some recognition for it. I am currently waiting with baited breath for feedback (expecting 'needs more contrast') as I think this is really the best bit of a real painting contest.

The full list of winners can be seen here:

If you have any feedback about The Librarian or anything else, leave it in the comments below!

Lastly a shout out to my comrades in painting, Baron Carlos Barron for his Bronze medal and Seth Amsden for showing us up again with a Silver. Carlos has posted an article talking about both his piece in the KublaAwards and his entry into the painting duel the three of us held earlier this year, you can find that post here!

- Raggy, signing out