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Max Spleenripper - Sketch style part 1

Well, I am finally getting back into painting after all the madness of moving and setting up my office. Most of my miniatures, including almost all the current WIPs had to be left in the US... that Space Hulk box is just too dang big. Because of this, I only have a few models to focus my efforts on at the moment. One is my model of Jason (of the Argonauts) who is progressing nicely but still has some work to do on him. More on him in a later post. For now I wanted to highlight both a new model and a new painting style (to me at least). Matt DiPietro , a former staff painter for Privateer Press , has a method of painting he describes as 'sketching'. As a guest lecturer on Miniature Monthly , I was fascinated to watch his execution of this method in his two part class. The underlying idea is to get all the contrast in place first and then add colour through glazing at the very end. An intriguing idea and as someone that's not so hot at staying inside the lines, one that