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Dystopian Wars Battle Mr G vs Ragados

This was my first real game of Dystopian Wars and saw my Empire of the Blazing Sun Ships encountering a fleet of the Empire of Brittania: An Ambitious opening move: Ok so by this point I was going nuts trying to lay these out in a meaningful way... Have a look at the photo album: I will try and post more links when I am in a better place. The eventual out come was a close call but Mr G won it by eliminating all my small ships as well as half my force before I was able to complete my objective of taking out his capital and flying ships.

Tiny Worlds bases

Not one post in over a year and then two in under a week! Madness I know but here we are. So last time I rather focused on Blood Bowl however my old Nuln workforce are not forgotten and in this post I will be providing some pictures of some old friends from that army with a slight upgrade. I will freely admit that there is no really ground breaking new figures in this post however I do love the look of these figures now they have been given a little upgrade: For those of you that can't work it out, the bases are new and I absolutely love them. I had tried several times to make some of my own out of corrugated cardboard however all attempts went hideously wrong! These are resin casts from Tiny Worlds and if you like the look of them, I would strongly encourage you to check their site out, these pictures were done with a rather short focal depth and I'm afraid that they really don't do the bases justice. I may well try again in a future post. Although it i

Back once again...

I know, I know! It has been over a year and a lot has changed. The main thing is that I moved job and my new company is both awesome and really time consuming, as a result not only has the blog not been updated but the painting has fallen off and I have very little to show for a whole year. Sadly I expect this won't change any time soon and so don't get too excited that I am back! I will try and post once a week but I can honestly say that I may not keep it up and if I do, I may not be generating much stuff that is news worthy. Having said that, there is a whole year's worth of material to put into this blog so settle in for a rather epic installment! One thing that you may notice is that a lot of this stuff is not entirely new, and that is especially true of my first submission... The Skumm Suckers, my Skaven Blood Bowl team: To be perfectly honest, there isn't really anything new in this lot, nor have I really fielded them although some of my colleagues do play