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Space Hulk Doors

I had hesitated about painting up the Space Hulk door stands as I wasn't sure it was really worth the hassle... but, having painted up the Genestealers and most of the Termies... I took a look at them sat in the box looking all boring and purple and decided... fine, I'll paint them. I think if they'd come in black or silver plastic, it would have been a lot harder to bring myself to put it on the table. The aim here was to get them painted as fast as possible (took about 2 hours over 2 days to get them all painted up). I wanted them to look decent, but they're not exactly meant for a Crystal Brush. I'd worked out an effective and quick method of making weathered, dark steel for bases. Unsurprisingly the secret is drybrushing: Stynylrez Black primer airbrushed onto the stands. No zenithal on these as I'll be drybrushing through up to the brighter colors instead. Coat D'Arms Dark Grey applied in a heavy drybrush (sometimes called a wetbrush as th

How to paint 23 Genestealers in 3 days

Painting Step by step:  Primed Stynylrez Black Army Painter Enchanted Blue Zenithal (mask off base) Drybrush Magic Blue carapace highlights Drybrush Coat D'Arms Dark Grey and Light Grey for metals Army Painter Alien Purple Head and Hands Drybrush the Purple with AK Faded White Army Painter Leather Brown teeth, Claws and Bones Highlight up to Coat D'Arms Bone Army Painter Oak Brown and Minitaire Pumpkin Weathering and Rusting - Raggy, signing out

Playlist of Tutorial videos

- Raggy, signing out

Brother Scipio and the study of flooring

I'm really not sure why I felt the need to go with the Harry Potter naming convention on this one but... welll there it is. My Space Hulk posts have been a little thin on the ground lately as various competitions became my top priority items. First with the Chaos Pact team for the Blood Bowl tournament I wasn't able to attend, then the Wander paint along and Miniature Monthly annual painting competition... and of course the 7th Continent figures in between. Despite all these distractions, Space Hulk has not been forgotten; quite the opposite in fact - I have made a good chunk of progress, I just haven't been updating the blog to reflect it. So to make up for that, I am going to put all my Termie progress here in one giant data dump. What's that? You noticed that I called Termies out specifically? Well yes - I have now started on the Genestealers as well so there will be some more coming out about them shortly. The main reason that this post took a little while to ge

Introducing The Vanir Volcanoes

Remember these guys? Yeah, it's been a while... All done and dusted at last. I'd mostly finished them by the end of November however my trip to the US held me up with posting any updates. As I got more practice in, I'm pretty pleased with the flame effects on the shoulder pads. It took a little practice but got there eventually and it came out pretty well. The rest of the models are a little bare bones - the linemen in particular look a little underwhelming as I got lazy with the NMM and the skin tones. This is still just the most basic team setup, I will work on the rest of the team soon I hope. As a little bonus, I polished off a couple of figures that had been sitting around for quite a while in my collection: I LOVE theses sculpts. They're course as anything but they are so fun! and instantly identifiable. These two really are a huge part of Blood Bowl for me. I am not sure the purple isn't a little too much but it does make him pop! - Ra

Miniature Monthly Contest

I have mentioned before, numerous times, how much I value the Miniature Monthly patreon course. I have worked through a lot of their videos and been applying the techniques I have been learning to up my mini painting game. Of course when they announced a mini painting contest, I was all in. I love the sculpt of the miniature but I have to admit I struggled a little with inspiration for the piece. I ended up going for something fairly simple but still something that would push me personally. I've never been a big fan of dioramas or fancy basing as I like to be able to use my minis at the end of the day whether it's in a boardgame / wargame or an RPG. Even my favorite competition piece to date ( the Librarian ) is on a reasonable sized based and could still function in an RPG. So what is this model that we had to paint? Miniature Monthly partnered with Dark Sword miniatures to have us paint up their new Female Ranger with Bow figure: I have heard criticisms of Dark