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Stuff for sale! - Updated

Everything in this listing has been sold. Sorry folks. I will occasionally list new items for sale in blog posts so keep checking back! UPDATE: A Load of Stuff has been moved to eBay including a load of Space Marine stuff, find it here: Having a bit of a clear out, is there a bargain you are after? Prices include free UK P+P - +£1 for rest of the world.   I will consider offers, especially for multiple items ALL ITEMS UNGLUED and MINT Please click on an image to see it full size Empire Greatsword Command - £7.50 for the 3 Mordheim Puppeteer... I mean Zealot - £3.00 Mordheim / Warhammer Flagellant - £3.00 Mordheim / Warhammer Flagellant - £3.00 Mordheim Zealot - £3.00 Mordheim Zealot - £3.00 Necromunda Orlock Leader with Meltagun (pistol has been removed neatly) - £2.00 SOLD Necromunda Orlock Leader Bolter and Power Axe - £4.00 SOLD 2nd Edition Orc Lineman - £3.0

Zombie, Zombie, Zombie!

Yup, the greatswords are back on the bcak burner as I am out of Black primer, so instead I am working on the zombie horde, mostly the Miniature Studios figures which are beautiful figures. Not much to show quite yet but here's a look at the workbench: And a Zombie Chicken! Don't forget that there are a load of figs for sale:  Figures for Sale - Raggy, signing out

Back again! with Flavour of the Month

Well folks it has been a little while. I have now moved down to Sutton and the house is starting to look vaguely sorted, but still no luck on the job front. Anyway, all this means that I should be able to post more regular updates now that I am a little more settled in a real house without Finals to deal with.  Now onto flavour of the month for August (for those of you wondering July's Flavour of the month read: I most want to: have finished moving already!) Boardgame I most want to try: Descent (should be getting a game next Sunday!) Boardgame I most want to play: Ticket to Ride (It has been a while and I'd like to try it again!) Boardgame I most want to buy: Dominion (If anyone feels like giving it to me, please do!) Wargame I most want to try Firestorm: Armada (Still not got a chance at this) Wargame I most want to play: Last Days (A new game in playtesting at the moment but has a Resi feel) RPG I most want to try: Warhammer Fantasy 3rd RPG I most want to play: Da