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So you want to be a commission painter!

Welcome, welcome! For those of you reading in the distant future - the world is currently being ravaged by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The result is what seems to be the prelude of a massive depression and a lot of people stuck at home either unemployed or 'working from home'. For many it seems like the perfect time to branch out and try their hand at making some money from their hobby. For myself - it felt like a good time to share some advice. There is an old adage - "How do you make a small fortune in the restaurant business? Start with a large one." For commission painters the outlook is somewhat bleaker - "How do you make a small fortune as a commission painter? YOU CAN'T HAHA!" I may be painting it a bit bleakly but that's the basic reality. Almost every commission painter you can think of makes their money through something else. They either have a day job, teach painting (through classes or patreon) or have some other way of

Gitz recipie

Well it's 2020 and my #nyna (New Year, New Army) is Gloomspite Gitz. As mentioned in my previous post - I'm not dropping my Death Guard boys but I have a fieldable army there and can slowly add the few models I'm still missing but this is a chance to start on something new (well fairly new...) Back to the Gitz - I picked up a sizeable Squig based force over the last year and set them aside for this project. I did however work on a few test pieces here and there. As always when starting a new project it is important to really have your painting scheme nailed down. I used my Zarbag's Gitz warband for Underworlds to test out and refine the schema I wanted to use. I actually did much of this on my YouTube livestream and it's still available: In addition to having this reference, I also took notes on the process that I wanted to utilise. The method by which you take notes is highly individual and varies a lot from person to person. I know some folks that love to