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Now entering...

After a series of posts updating the world on my painting status, I thought I would take a brief break and talk about what I have been watching while I paint. I don't have any terrestrial or network television access at home (yeah, total millennial hipster I know!) and as a result most of my viewing comes from Netflix, DVDs/BluRays, CrunchyRoll or occasionally Google Play Movies. For some time I have been working through 90s DC cartoons Justice League and Batman in particular which have been excellent. I also watched Gurren Lagann all the way through after first seeing the first episode about 2 years ago (it's not as good as I'd been lead to believe). As some of you have no doubt figured from the title, the show that I really wanted to talk about in this blogpost is The Twilight Zone. This show is a classic of the 60s and even if you haven't seen it, at least a few of the episode plots will be familiar to you as they have been recycled by almost every show with a g

A Painting Holiday

The last week has been much tougher than I had anticipated. I have been nursing my g/f as she recovers from a surgery (nothing alarming). In terms of painting, there is some good and some bad. It took a lot long than anticipated to sit down to the painting station for any length of time, but once I got to it, I have gotten a few things done. The Ogres, whilst not finished, are at least at a point where I can field them without them looking too unfinished. The bases and metal are done, the trousers, pads, helmets and belly plate teeth need to be finished off: I have also finally finished the Fan Stand to my satisfaction. It may not look too different from the last time you saw it . I painted up a few of the details and spent some time retouching the lettering. I also varnished it up. Perhaps the most noticeable of changes however is less recent - the replacing of the center panel. Originally I had hoped to use the resin piece with the West Coast Quake logo as shown in the previous

Nickel gaming

There's been a bit of a swell in readership of my blog lately (hello everyone!); for those of you new to the blog I track a few different things in this blog related to my gaming hobby. Mostly this is my painting progress, keeping me honest and driving me to get more done. Some of it is spun off of a few different blogs I used to maintain on . However one of my more recent projects has been inspired by my British co-conspirator, Mr G , who has recently started blogging an effort to get every game he owns played at least 5 times. This is no mean feat and in my case is exacerbated by a lot of game plays from my early gaming career that were never logged. I have decided that I am going to pretend for the purposes of this effort that no unlogged play counts. I rebooted the list after GenCon as a few things had gotten a little out of sync but the current status is: Game Plays Remaining Roll for the Galaxy (2014) 5 0 Jamaica (2007) 4 1 Dystopian Wars (2010) (w) 4 1 Cre

A few days of painting

Well as promised, this coming week I am looking forward to some dedicated painting time as I will be staying home to look after my girlfriend as she recovers from some surgery. A few of the figures I will be working to finish off are the ogres that I have been working on for waaay too long at this point, at the moment the skin is pretty much done (although it still looks too dusty for my tastes). I am now finishing off the metal, with highlighting on a few of them needing to be finished and then rusting. After that the trousers, armor and bases will need doing. I am also thinking that the belly plates may need a little more work (the teeth certainly need some shading!). It really feels like I have a lot to do still. Working on these non-stop, intently for a week is probably going to drive me nuts, so I am planning on spacing them out a little with a few lighter projects that I have had on the back burner for a while now. First up - Robo Rally! These little critters ar

The current projects

Hey Folks I figured I would go through and lay out the projects I have in my pipeline. Next week I am taking some time off to look after my g/f post surgery so this should give me a chance to sit down, catch up on some TV and hammer out some painted minis! A detailed list will be coming in the next couple of days but finishing the Ogres, those ReRoll markers (the dice monsters) and finishing my RoboRally figures! (WIPs for about 10 years at this point). I am also putting a plea out there for folks to be more involved! I am hoping to get feedback and following on this blog. In the hopes that a few of you will take me up on this offer: Subscribe by email Subscribe to this blog (This link can also be found on the left!) - Raggy, signing out

Painting accessories

For a long time, I have considered trying to become a YouTube star... or at least putting some effort into making YouTube videos and maybe making a little money off of them. I have thought of doing How to Play videos, speed building Lego kit contests, at one point I also thought of mini painting tutorials. The thing is... I'm not very good at painting! I did however create a tutorial on making a portable wet palette. For those of you not familiar with what a wet palette is. It is just like any other paint palette in usage, however because you are putting the paint on wet parchment paper, it prevents the paint from drying out, it allows you to keep paint blends from session to session and in the case of my solution - with some care - you can lug it around with you. (Great if, like me, you often paint down your FLGS!). There are a bunch of solutions out on the market, notably the P3 Palette which is popular but at $25 it's pretty pricy and not even watertight! The c

A little progress on Ogres!

Despite only being a couple of posts ago, the pictures of the Ogres have been quite out of date for quite a while. I have made a ton of progress but it's been hard to organize things and get photos together. Now that I have the light tent. I am putting a lot more effort into getting photos. I will try and ensure that I get photos of my latest progress every week. For now, the latest pics: With all the recent acquisitions, I figured, it was time to reboot the nickel list. Game Plays Remaining Jamaica (2007) 4 1 Dystopian Wars (2010) 4 1 Creationary (2009) 4 1 Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game (2011) 4 1 Ruse (2014) 4 1 Kingdom Builder: Big Box (2014) 4 1 Roll for the Galaxy (2014) 4 1 Necromunda (1995) 3 2 Zombies!!! (2001) 3 2 Three-Dragon Ante (2005) 3 2 Formula D (2008) 3 2 Catacombs (2010) 3 2 Lift it! (2012) 3 2 UNO (1971) 2 3 Descent: Journeys in the Dark(2005) 2 3 The Lord o