Godsworn Hunt

I started with my now standard approach to preparing for using Contrast paints. I primed the models black (Stynylrez Black Primer) and then used the GW rattle cans to lay down a zenithal of the state approved primer for Contrast Paints (Wraithbone in this case for a warmer tone).

I have really had no interest in painting the Godsworn Hunt and of the 5 warbands I had left to paint at the time - they were the least appealing however the new line of contrast paints gave me an idea of something to explore - Flesh tones.
At the time Contrast paints launched, I was excited by the range of flesh tones that were on offer - 3 out of 34 paints is a pretty decent haul... I was really super disappointed to discover that all 3 were basically caucasian. Darkoath being fairly pallid, Guilliman as your 'standard' offering and Fireslayer as the tanned, sunbeaten skin tone. Having said that, the line also comes with a good array of brown tones from the very mild Skeleton Horde through to the s…

Blackstone Fortress: Unit - Ur Ghuls

Working on these Ur Ghul was an interesting experience for me. I don't have a particularly large array of GW paints (Contrast excepted). And as such, although I regularly watch Duncan and Peachy's painting tutorials - I seldom follow them particularly closely. While watching the Spindle Drones video they put out - I realized I really liked the finish and was impressed with the speed. I then checked out the Ur Ghul video and was similarly impressed.

Inspired as I was, I decided to try following the tutorial as closely as possible* and the result? Well... I kicked it off with a zenithal...

So having already departed from the video I decided to try and bring it a little back on point...

Drakenhoff nightshade, thinned with Lahmia medium - simple... except I don't have any Lahmia medium (coulda sworn I did!) so proxied with Contrast medium. It worked pretty well nonetheless:

A quick second coat:

And then a drybrush with Ulthuan Grey... which, again, I don't have soo anothe…

Blackstone Fortress: 1.6 Test Model

You can find the start of this project here.

This is a really interesting one for me. There are obviously a lot of very different models in this box and in a sense - two opposing factions. So how will we 'unify' the whole box into a look? How valuable is the 'Test Model' when there are inherently going to be so many different looks across the models?

To answer my own rhetorical question... it kind of makes it even more important. With so many different models, the test model gives me a chance to really focus on what colours and techniques to use to give a unified feel to the whole game.

One thing I knew going in is that I'd be doing something with the bases. This is actually something pretty consistent across most of the Blackstone Fortress Projects that I've seen - the great Duncan has a whole video dedicated to his take on it! Not all the projects are the same but everyone want's to evoke the same vibe in their models.

As mentioned already in my Planning …

Blackstone Fortress: 1.5 Motivation

You can find the start of this project here.

My Hobby area is pretty much always kept clean and ready. I am a bit of a tidy freak and since I set aside a portion of my main work desk for my painting equipment, I've been able to become much more productive (and a painting streamer on Twitch and YouTube!). Similarly, now that I am set up pretty much all the time, and have things I listen to while working on my models - I am pretty good at knuckling down and working on the models.

As always - Instagram photos will be going up but I will also be starting a solitaire play through of the game as soon as it's finished so that's the big carrot for me here.
And the stick? Well that'd be all of you - the readers of this blog, the viewers of my streams and followers of my IG account. I ask all of you to hold me to these time lines, to nudge me to post progress and ask how I'm doing on a regular basis.

I should say, I am not committing to streaming this whole project as I will…

Blackstone Fortress: 1.4 Planning

You can find the start of this project here.

At this point I am ready to start laying down a plan. Between the Aims and Expectations stages of the project a LOT changed. I started picking up the models and cleaning them up already. I also substantially changed my intended basing plan in light of a friend's method of handling models (clear bases for his Imperial Assault models). On their own I'm not a fan of this aesthetic however what he said made a lot of sense - for games on beautiful printed boards - the models are always on the correct terrain! That and a huge lightening of the workload sold me on the plan and just like that I was snipping of the slotta pegs on the bottom of the models.

One thing I realized in the process of going through this is that cleaning models doesn't sit in the same hobby time as painting for me. Uncle Atom of Tabletop Minions has kind of spoken about this in the past and how he will often clean minis when visiting with friends etc. For me - cl…

Blackstone Fortress: 1.3 Expectations

You can find the start of this project here.

In the process of developing this planning stage. I got the opportunity to take a few months break from my job and put more time into my painting. This is amazing news as I have some competitions coming up that I want to work on entries for - Capital Palette at Nova Open and then the old Armies on Parade!

My basic working plan for this project will be to put in 4hrs each scheduled day. This is a pretty conservative value for me as I can routinely put in more but I am also aware that I will be working on other pieces as well. With this increased flexibility, I decided to just go for a lightweight plan, assign a model / unit for each 1-2 days I'll have free and aim to get the models done by the end of July. I have never really timed myself on a project like this. - How long does it take me to assemble a model? NO IDEA! I've never really timed myself before.*

- Raggy, signing out

*in fact I have timed myself sort of on a YouTube Livest…

My Painting Set up

A friend on Instagram was asking about the desk set up that I have for my painting. This is something I have put a lot of thought into but, tried to limit how much I spend on it. My desk set up is for my painting but also doubles as my home office space which allowed me to justify a little more spend on it.
I've tried to keep this to the more long term items so it doesn't include paints, brushes, or even brush cleaner. These are things that you will probably never 'run out'.

Absolute Essentials: When thinking about my desk set up there are a few things I knew I'd need and others that I'd want:
Comfortable seating position. (I have only been half successful here!)A comfortable chair with good support (this is where I have failed - your chair should be where you put most of your money. It will save your back in the long run)The desk must be at the correct height. - You should be able to comfortably set your elbows on the table top to bring your hands to about the…