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The obligatory New Year's resolutions post

First and foremost: Help Lindsey quit smoking or at least heavily cut back. I like the occasional smoke, one or two rollies or pipe bowls a week, but 10-20 fags a day is not healthy and I think it'd do her and our dogs a lot of good if she cut back. This year will see me graduating... hopefully... so miniatures will continue to be on the back burner. I am hoping to get my zombies and survivors painted up and also get my warmachine figures painted over the course of the year. I do also have a bucket full of Empire minis and some more Blood Bowl teams to set to work on.

Shroud Mages of the Uncharted Seas

Well I have finally painted up all of my Uncharted Seas stuff. Most of these were done before I started this Blog, but I will upload images on a fleet by fleet basis in the coming weeks. To be getting on with, my newest fleet, I present the Shroud Mages:   This is just the starter fleet: A battleship, a squad of 3 Cruisers and two squads of 3 frigates each. The other fleets I have are basically the same but with a couple of additional ships. I will be getting some sub tokens for my Iron Dwarves in the near future which will also need painting up.