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Ogres on the Warpath!

Well I am back from the UK and those Ogres aren't going to paint themselves... so I am cracking into them. I have actually screwed up the flesh of them a little. I had some really nice shading/highlighting going on and then but strong tone on it... it was way too dark and I have had to start bringing the brightness back up but it's not as smooth as it was. I am working on it but have taken a bit of a break to work on some tattoos/warpaint on the boys: Ok well there should have been some pictures in this space but... I am waiting on a super cool new lighting kit... which is apparently not going to arrive until after GenCon.... BOOOOOOO and also YAY GENCON. (bloody Prime Day!) Anyway I wanted to get a little update out before I go to GenCon as I am sure there will be a massive post about that and then (hopefully) I can get some lovely pics of these Ogres will the disappointing skin but cool tattoos.

Painting In Exile...

Well it's been a while! I am still in the UK and as such the painting has not progressed any since I left California... but! I have managed to unearth some of my old Blood Bowl figures to drag with me back to the US! I had hoped to take some of my other miniatures stuff (Uncharted Seas, Dystopian Wars, Scenery) but there really isn't much space and realistically... I'm just not going to use them and probably not even finish painting them. As long time readers will recall, my Skaven Team are my original team the Skumm Suckers! They are looking a LOT less well painted to me now that I have upped my game some, but they are my first love and here they are: And then there are the Chaos Dwarves, the color scheme is hideous and to be honest a pain in the arse to paint up but they are done and I am pretty pleased with the overall aesthetic: I also have a few random figures in my case, some support stuff: And finally, this guy: I've shown him here