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Blood Bowl Clean Up

I think this post is partially a lesson in the importance of lighting. At the time I was painting these, I thought I had decent if not great lighting. The photos kinda prove otherwise. Wood Elf Apothecary: Chaos Apothecary: Chaos Token: Chaos Dwarf Minotaur: This guy was a bit of work and I'd been dragging my feet as I wasn't too pleased with my initial sculpting efforts. My January resolution to get my Blood Bowl teams tidied up forced me to get this chap back on the table. I spent a frustrating evening working on the beard and liking it less and less the more I messed with it. I ended up adding a mane of hair and calling it a day. Already being unhappy with the model as it was, I figured it would be a great opportunity to experiment on the model without risking damaging a figure I wanted to submit in a contest or something. I worked on pretty much all the base coats using an airbrush pushing myself to be more extreme with the shading and highligh

Miniature Monthly Contest - Feedback!

The end of last year, I raced to finish off a piece for a competition organised by Miniature Monthly . I faced a lot of hurdles trying to get the piece finished in time (the whole saga is logged here ). The end result was a miniature I was pleased with but wasn't up to a standard I knew myself to be capable of. The contest itself was fantastically successful and the Miniature Monthly group has really become a great network of painters. I'm a big fan of painting competitions, not for any really hope of winning but for the feedback that masters of painting can provide. Unfortunately the feedback is often scant and generic . For this contest however, Aaron went above and beyond. Not only did he give a super detailed breakdown of each part of the model but he also photoshopped a photo of my mini to highlight what he was referring to: The mini on the right is my submission, on the left is Aaron's modification - I think you can see how much better it looks! With Aaron'