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Wander - Tank - base

I've been really bad at taking photos of late - the result is photos of finished or near finished things but really nothing along the way... which I really regret but... well shit happens. Tank has been seeing some progress as testified in my last post. I figured I should decide on what to stand him on once he's finished... Waaay back when I was still a student, hating my degree and dreaming of doing something enjoyable for a living, I got into a few contests on WAMP forums . I landed myself some nice, cast resin bases as a prize. I'd never really found anything to put on them but it seemed like the perfect time to pull one of these out and get painting. <If I'd been better at taking photos - there'd be one of the unpainted base here> One of my projects for this year is: Much like SDub aka Miniac off of r/minipainting and YouTube  etc. I have also been pushing myself to use an airbrush for more than just priming and basecoating. I'm stil

Hell hath no fury... like a High School Football coach

This is 'Steamin' Murdoch, the Head Coach for my Blood Bowl Chaos Pact football team - The Vanir Volcanoes. I've been meaning to finish off my Volcanoes team properly for a while now but things always seemed to stall out. Particularly with the Burning of Prospero box taking up so much time. Fortunately I saw this contest posted on r/minipainting group on Reddit  and raced to pull this guy out and get him painted up. Travis runs HotDiceMiniatures and a YouTube Channel (and a blog ). He created a contest in the run up to his birthday to promote these, celebrate 1000 subscribers on his channel and give away some awesome double sided gaming mats! Travis really created a great contest here. NPCs/civies is a great category - there's a wealth of minis out there and they seldom get any limelight. On top of that it's 28mm only which cuts out all the busts and biggatures that seem to dominate most contests. Travis also seemed really keen on some story for the

Wander - Tank - part 2

It came to my attention shortly after posting part 1 on this that this sculpt of Tank is actually an older design of the character. The figure you will be getting in the game box has an artificial right hand with a hammer rather than the stump on this figure but I think most of the content of the Miniature Monthly videos are still applicable to the model. I'm not a huge fan of the order in which Aaron is painting the model. I can totally understand that he enjoys mixing things up but for a beginner - I strongly feel that the discipline of moving from most recessed parts to most prominent is important. Because of this there are parts of the videos I've held off on, waiting for areas I'd rather do first be shown. The main one being the skin: It seems the videos have started getting broken up a little more and the skin was split into a few different parts. The first 2 are now up and the photos above are the sin basecoats. This part I am pretty comfortable with and

Heresy Blood Angels - MkIII Armour

A few months ago I picked up Burning of Prospero when it was on crazy discount at my Friendly Local Gaming Store. I didn't have any major interest in the game itself but those Space Marines in Mark III 'Iron' Armour looked damn sexy! I'd looked at the MkIII Marines on the Forge World store but along with the legendary issues of resin quality/warping - they were also insanely expensive. I wasn't looking to field a whole army, I just wanted to have a few nice looking models to paint up. Of course having picked up the game... I immediately put it in a box to ship to the UK and had to wait several months before I could crack it open. I have of course been painting Blood Angels for a while now starting with airbrushing a Contemptor Dreadnought in my CK Studio class. I then took the method taught in that class to get my Space Hulk Termies. That method relied on Bloodletter glaze to tint a zenthial prime. That method gives a really popping, bright red which is gr