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I am going to Salute for the first time this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. Although I'm not sure if I'll have any spending money... and I REALLY want some spending money! There is a load of stuff that I am dying to get my grubby mitts on... fingers crossed I can find some! Raggy, signing out

Current Projects

Recently the zombies have taken a back seat... to Skaven of all things. I have always hated painting fur and this has made Skaven a bit of a challenge. The reason I have always had a problem with fur is that it is so frustrating to try and get the paint to sit in the recesses of the sculpt without putting in so much as to obscure them. I still haven't managed to find a solution to this problem, although using a slightly thinner paint helps get into the recesses it results in a poor coverage of the raised areas. I would suggest this followed by at least 2 layers of highlighting to make sure that the raised areas do get covered. I have mostly completed the apothecary, only needing to give him a thin green wash of noxiousness and base him with some flock. Speaking of basing... you might well be wondering what the hell is up with the bases on those Skaven... I started painting them several years ago and there were some problems with my painting skills and I am now having to try and k

This may offend

It has just been pointed out that the final issue of OK magazine to feature Jade Goody is issue 666... I think our man down below is getting impatient. It does seem fitting doesn't it?

Back to Zombies

Normally I will paint batches of miniatures, a regiment, fleet or similar collection of miniatures. I have been trying this with these zombies and it has made painting them a lot harder. The reason it is proving so problematic is people don't look the same... an obvious enough statement really. With a regiment, uniforms are all matching etc. but zombies are a miscellaneous collection of individuals with different clothes, skintones and so on. Painting them in a single batch, I'm finding that they are all coming out with a similar look. It is all too easy to paint one in jeans and then decide to do others the same way. As a result I have had to start painting other miniatures at the same time, mixing in Thrud, some Skaven minis and trying to focus on one zombie before moving on to the next. The most recently completed of them is the zombie school teacher: I am currently working on Zombie Suzi so the next update should have a photo or two of her. In the meantime, this is the

Out of the Blue

Well folks, some news... but still nothing to do with minis... I help out with a local charity called Stray Aid ( anyways we eventually succumbed and got another dog... his name was Calvin but we have renamed him Havloc. If you want to see photos, head on over to the new site and have a look at the Happy Endings section, I will be posting an article on how he settles. He is a lot bigger than Rei, our existing dog and has been a stray for a long time judging by the way he acts so we are having to play things a bit by ear to make sure he settles in... but fingers crossed! Raggy, signing out

Nope - no minis here!

Another rant, enjoy: I am not by any means dumb, I am a geek, a nerd and have an addiction to learning pretty well anything. I have played on if not owned every console since the Commodore 64... with 2 exceptions. The PS3 is on my to buy list... once it doesn't require me to re-mortgage the house I don't own and re-sell my soul (the interest on those things are steep!) in order to afford it. The other console is the XBox 360... I have never been a fan of Microsoft in the console market... I may have to wait 6 months to get it on PC but you just know it'll come out on it and are you telling me you don't have 6 years of gaming to catch up on anyway?)... but that aside the XBox was clearly a console with the controller and everything, you have to hand it to them the made one... but what the fuck is the 360? I have asked game shop employees, friends and browsed the internet during my more bored moments what is the difference between the brands of 360? Core, Arcade, Pro, Pre

No progress

Yeah, not been doing any painting recently... I have instead been web designing... for charity! Check it out The site won't go properly live for another week (hence the lack of dogs - see for them) but until then it is a work-in-progress so any and all comments welcome and helpful! Raggy, signing out