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Forming a pact with a bunch of Chaos Renegades? It must be Blood Bowl!

I've been grinding through my Space Hulk minis at a steady pace. I now have 5 of the 11 termies ready for some final airbrushing... and an airbrush that should work... So clearly now is the perfect time to totally change the focus of my efforts to Blood Bowl! (Yes more Blood Bowl). What's triggered this sudden return to Blood Bowl? Another tournament of course! Block of Holding down in Bournemouth on November 19th is a NAF sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament that I figured I'd sign up for to get back into the Blood Bowl groove. My choice of team was a little restricted as most of my models are in a shipping container and I have no idea when they might arrive. Fortunately the RN Estudio's Chaos Pact minis arrived to the UK recently and so they are getting a quick painting to be ready for the tournament. The Vanir Volcanoes will be (I hope) ready to take the field come November 19th. I have to say I was a little disappointed with these minis. RN Estudio is

Brother Deino enters

The Process Basecoats: Cloth painted: Parchment and Bone: Metals: This sketchy style for the bolter is really not an effect I intended to produce but I do rather like it. What are your thoughts? I also recently watched an alternative method of doing red. I like the idea of zenithal highlighting with pink instead of white, I think it might cut the orange in the highlights a little. Brother Scipio will come next as I try to wrestle with the colors for the basing. Being a space hulk, it seems obvious that I am going to be working with metal flooring but I need to find a method of bringing in some green tones to that in order to give good contrast to the red. - Raggy, signing out

Step up Sergeant Gideon

Having painted up Brother Claudio, I next moved on to Sergeant Gideon. Basecoats applied for all areas with Gideon's head painted up.Next the gold was polished a little and the parchment/bone pieces were done. I am going to deep dive into the colours that I am using here as I neglected to do that in the Brother Claudio post: Parchment / Skulls: Vallejo Chocolate Brown Army Painter Fur Brown Coat D'Arms Bone Army Painter Matt White Metal, Select Pads and Charged Weapons: P3 Thamar Black Coat D'Arms Dark Grey Tree Fellas Grey Army Painter Matt White Eyes: Coat D'Arms Dark Grey Army Painter Matt White Gold: Vallejo Chocolate Brown Vallejo Filthy Brown Army Painter Daemonic Yellow Army Painter Matt White Gems: Reaper HD Marron Red GW Blood for the Blood God Cloth: P3 Thamar Black Vallejo Enchanted Blue Army Painter Matt White (mixed into blue for highlights) The weightings of these (esp the metals/pads/weapons) are no

Brother Claudio faces the paint.

Welcome to my 200th blog post! Using my last blog post, Goals , to spur me to action and get some more painting done. I've pulled out the Termies from my Space Hulk box. Regular readers of the blog will know I've been working on these chaps for a while. I did my test piece as an experiment in weathering powders and primed the rest red . My original intention had been to batch paint them the rest of the way but I've ended up putting more care into them than I intended and I've taken to giving them more heroic level of attention. First up is Brother Claudio: After painting the armour up with my red technique, I wanted to be careful not to splash paint where it's not meant to be. This was another factor in the hero treatment although with a unit, it should be simpler to do the same part on a chain of models - for these models, they are each so different that it is a little tricky. As you can see, I'm back to my old NMM tricks and although the ch