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Models in ten minutes!

STOP THE PRESS!!! Before I get into this blog post; I would like to promote my latest project: Please check it out, share it with friends and subscribe ! Follow us on Facebook The other night I was working on Zenithal priming as part of my Miniature Monthly , adding some white highlighting to help with highlights and shadows. I unearthed a few figures I had forgotten about and a couple of little pre-primed figures that I drybrushed bone, added a couple of NMM touches, ink and shazaam:  - Raggy, signing out


Another couple of movies down. The Graduate was fascinating. I had a vague notion of the story but really only the first half, the way the character developed and particularly Dustin Hoffman's acting were fascinating. The Hustler... was pretty much what I expected with a tacked on romance that I should have expected. I was a little disappointed. On a somewhat related note I watched Chaplin. This is not a new film but I am glad I didn't watch it until after seeing a bunch of his movies. It really made me appreciate his achievements that much more. The acting in the film is also excellent with an all star line up. 63 Films still to watch: (Bold are on Netflix at time of writing) 52 Django Unchained (2012) 102 Witness for the Prosecution (1957) 106 A Separation (2011) 107 Yojimbo (1961) 117 On the Waterfront (1954) 119 The Seventh Seal (1957) 123 The Kid (1921) 125 Scarface (1983) 126 Rebecca (1940) 127 Wild Strawberries (1957) 130 Ran (1985

West Coast Quake

The West Coast Quake is one of the big annual Blood Bowl Tournaments on the US West Coast. Last year was my first Quake and a big reason that this blog has started putting out some regular posts again. I rushed a fully painted Wood Elf team for that event and ended up in a similar position this year as I tried to juggle the Goblins for this tournament with the Chaos Team for our regular league. There were more than 20 players competing this year and I went in with one, simple objective... Foul, a lot. I was after the Dirty Player award and had 16 opportunities every game, over 6 games a possible 96 fouls (ignoring special play cards that could help). In the end, I managed 65 - a new tournament record and in chasing this I was able to secure the tournament's Wooden Spoon as I lost all but one game. I felt bad that my pursuit of fouling could be seen as throwing the game for the other player but despite this risk, I only ended up playing one of the top 4 players so I don't think

Introducing the Yokai Hackers!

This team was a bit of a mad rush over the holidays in order to have them table ready for the Quake last weekend. As a result, there aren't a lot of in progress pictures to show their developmental progress. I did a lot of experimentation with them despite this however particularly regarding manual shading and highlighting which really paid off for the creams and goblin skintones. One thing I found to my chagrin is that I really don't have the range of reds that I need to get good layering and shading on these (a big part of the palettes) which I think let down the models overall. So here they are in their full glory! A couple of photos taken at West Coast Quake of the team getting ready to perform their worst. My next post will be a look at my (less than) stellar performance at the Tournament. - Raggy, signing out

Rain stops play

I'd been hoping to get a couple more posts up this week to show off the headway I've made in painting up the Goblin team for the Quake. Unfortunately I've not had the chance to take photos of the new hotness and the heavy downpours in the Bay Area have left me needing to put some attention to preparing for a business trip in the coming week so it is likely to be a while before I can get something more substantial together. In the meantime I was able to knock another of the top 250 movies off of the list. Witness for the Prosecution is another example of why I do this list. Smart, fun with an excellent twist that makes the film a delight to watch. 65 Films still to watch: (Bold are on Netflix at time of writing) 52 Django Unchained (2012) 102 Witness for the Prosecution (1957) 106 A Separation (2011) 107 Yojimbo (1961) 117 On the Waterfront (1954) 119 The Seventh Seal (1957) 123 The Kid (1921) 125 Scarface (1983) 126 Rebecca (1940) 127 Wild

NMM Gold

Just a quick update. A friend of mine asked on facebook for some advice on Gold NMM and it just happened that I worked on some recently so I figured I would post a couple of images and share my thoughts. I should note that this is only my second or third attempt at NMM gold and I am hardly an expert painter but I was pretty pleased with the results. In this case it's the bracelets being worn by my Goblin team Oni troll. Click on the images to see them full size. I have found it really important to start with a much darker color than you think you are going to need. Here I started with Fur Brown and I think that even this is a little too light really. If I'd had more patience, I would have brought it up from Oak brown. Even though you don't really leave any of this darkest color showing; it comes through in the depth and helps shade the recesses. The key thing with all NMM styles and it really sucks, but it's the truth - there are NO shortcuts. There's no

Miniature Monthly layering tutorial

The Haikido Hackers are chugging along. Most of the basic goblins are now done. I will do a full team review post soon when I have everything in place. In this post, I wanted to show off some of the work on layering that I have been doing recently, particularly the Obi (belt) on the goblin fanatic where I put a little time in building up from dark to light to get some really awesome effect. All of this has been taken directly from the latest lesson by Miniature Monthly . I continue to be impressed by the classes that Aaron, Elizabeth and Jonathan have been putting together. You can see here my continuing efforts to work on free hand painting. The Rising Sun banner reads 'Banzai'. It is a term that came to the western world from World War 2 and literally means ten thousand years - a contracted form of a Japanese battle cry . Finally this dude is one of my favorite of the standard goblin sculpts. I really like the shoulder pads and had a lot of fun painting them up.