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Ou est le blog?

Yeah so I have been a bit quiet on the blog front for a while now... why? I had no internet. It turns out, to no-one's great surprise that BT are a bunch of cocksukers. We pay for an expensive Business Broadband package and in the last couple of months have had it fail 3 times, every time it has been due to their mistakes, taken at least 3 days to fix (a week this time) and cost a fortune in phone calls spent listening to hold musak. So I am paying for not receiving internet, I am paying to have them fix it in premium rate phone calls and I have no sign of an appology. Oh and an item I ordered from Japan has been charged VAT at 60% by customs with Parcelforce throwing in 75% of the original cost in admin... Do I walk around with a sign on my forehead saying 'Screw me' or something? Rant over... normal service will resume in about a week. - Raggy, signing out

Introducing the Schlossfels Loose Shots

This unit of young nobles are the epitome of the Nuln upper classes, they join in combat for the glory. They care nothing about the well-being of the city, empire or mankind; to them this is just another hunt, with prey of a higher calibre. This attitude means they are as popular with their allies as with those looking down the barrels of their pistols and on more than one occasion the two have been one. They are assured a place on the battlefield thanks to their 'familiarity' with Countess Emmanuelle. Of course nobody is sure if she does this to appease them or dispose of the evidence, and most of their fellows care little enough for the spoilt brats that make up the Schlossfels. ps. Yes I do need to take more photos. Alas models are packed in preparation for house move... Upcoming: I have a few more SuperFigs to finish-off The last bits on my VASA Prep-work on my zombies to prepare for priming. Khador After that lot is done I am prob going to pack my minis away in preparation

Say hello to the King's Gate Guard

Well after an astounding 3 votes... of which 2 were me... the unanimous vote was in favour of titling this elite troop of swordsmen - The King's Gate Guard This name is not quite as random as it may at first appear. The King's Gate is the old name given to the Eastern Gate into the City of Nuln which is now more commonly referred to as Der Halbinsel Gate (The Peninsula Gate).This gate is little used but of vital importance as it leads directly into the heart of the military district of Nuln. The King's Gate Guard have kept the old name of the gate and also carry the image of a gate with a crown over it on their shield. For a hugely in depth map of Nuln check out: City-State of Nuln The next unit I will be looking to name are my Pistolliers. These guys will probably not make it onto the field very often as I would rather use the slot to field more artillery (it is a Nuln army after all!) but they need naming non-the-less! I am not sure if I will continue to submit p

Name the State Swordsmen of Nuln

Please check out the poll that is running to name my unit of State Swordsmen.


As part of my new, more organised blog. I have started focusing on one topic per blog rather than the somewhat meandering posts that I have done in the past. Today is the day of my last and probably worst exam, and in an effort to distract myself from this eldritch horror I would go back and revisit my Necromunda figures. Necromunda was not the first GW game I got into (having started before it was even released) It is none the less among my favorites, along with Blood Bowl. You really develop a connection with your gangers as they gain experience, new skills and equipement and you really feel it when they take a hit. It was the first real campaign I ever took part in and although I did terribly, it was a lot of fun. My oldest surviving painted miniatures are my Spyrer gang from that campaign. Allow me to present the Ty Fighters: The Ty Fighters. Appologies for the terrible photo. It is a little better in full view. As you can see the paint jobs weren't great (I was 14 at the