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You've got Discworld mail

Faithful readers may recall that last year I put together three blog posts covering my painting of my first ever serious painting contest entry ( here , here and here ). The model was from a line of Discworld miniatures put out by Micro Arts Studios. These models are my most prized of miniatures and I have held off of painting them for many years, waiting until I felt I was good enough to work on them. I am finally starting to feel like I have reached that point. I am no Kirill Kanaev , and I still have plenty of scope to learn and improve, but I am at the point where I can finish a miniature, look at it and say... "Wow, that looks good to me. I'm proud that I was able to produce that." Having gotten to that point, I was comfortable starting on some of these beautiful miniatures. I have been working through the figures that feel easier to paint and that I am inspired by. There is no rush for me to complete these chaps (they are definitely not a part of my #doneno

Introducing The Tlanxla Titans

It's been a while since I've introduced a new Blood Bowl team. These chaps got purchased when GW did a limited run recast of some of the old third edition sculpts. Sadly I am not going to be the one getting these guys on the pitch, fortunately a friend of mine is borrowing them for a league he's in and they will be facing off against a rather intimidating Human team. So how did I get these chaps from primed to finished in just 3 days? I'm glad you read that sentence; here we go: Prime with Stynylrez Black: Generous zenithal of Minitaire Dark Green Selective zenithal of Minitaire Fresh Grass - Minitaire paints have a gloss finish... don't freak out - the matte varnish will fix everything! The next few stages are a bit out of order. Normally the shitty bases I do for my Blood Bowl minis come at or near the end of my painting however I needed to have these guys playable for my friend's game so I knew I needed to get the bases done early with the