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I'm not gonna lie, this is a bit of a fluffy post. I am a little addicted to spreadsheets, I have one for mapping my game plays, I have one for my Arkham Miniatures to track their progress and the Arkham Files games they can be used in... in short... I have an addiction. One of the spreadsheets I have is to track my sprawling Blood Bowl collection as I attempt to collect at least one fully complete team for every race. As of writing this I have... none... well that's a little harsh. I have 5 that are player complete. Mostly I am missing the wizards (some are also missing Coaches/Apothecaries). I have another 4 that basically just need painting... and then I have 6 on pre-order... or rather I have 5 that need painting and 5 on preorder because... ta da: These beauties are Greebo Games' Ninja Goblins (Waag Saabi) and is a full team complete with 2 trolls, 4 secret weapons, a coach, a bunch of pet dragons and a bonus Sarcos leviathan it looks as though they threw in. Of c

ReRoll Markers and more

It's been great to get so many things completed lately, but the trick to not stalling out is to always have something new to work on and so, here's the current project Of course, these folks aren't exactly new, new. I started them alongside the Ogre team as a bit of relief, but with the Ogres done... it's time to focus on them (and maybe find a new thing for my light relief...) The Green ones have made some more progress recently: I'm really pleased that, despite having very different base coats applied, they've all come back to a fairly similar color tone. Much as I love the fluorescent green... the livid green seems enough for them to pop. These guys are nearly done. I want to smooth out the bandages a little more, develop the teeth a little and detail the eyes before I stop. Of course I'm not one to get too focused on one thing at a time. There are a couple of odds and sods that I have been working on along side these guys... unfo

The State of Play

Well you have all seen the progress I have been making in painting things up... what about my other mission in life? Gaming! Welllll I have been playing a reasonable amount and getting some new games to the table but my Nickel list is also progressing... slowly, but it is progressing: Game Plays Remaining Roll for the Galaxy (2014) 5 0 Jamaica (2007) 4 1 Dystopian Wars (2010) 4 1 Creationary (2009) 4 1 Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game (2011) 4 1 Ruse (2014) 4 1 Kingdom Builder: Big Box (2014) 4 1 Ice Cool (2016) 4 1 Mystic Vale (2016) 4 1 Necromunda (1995) 3 2 Zombies!!! (2001) 3 2 Three-Dragon Ante (2005) 3 2 Formula D (2008) 3 2 Catacombs (2010) 3 2 Lift it! (2012) 3 2 Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails (2016) 3 2 UNO (1971) 2 3 Descent: Journeys in the Dark(2005) 2 3 The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck and Card Game (1997) 2 3 Wits & Wagers (2005) 2 3 Go (-2200) 2 3 Star Trek: Fleet Captains (2011) 2 3 Foundation (2012) 2 3 Rory's Story Cubes

Apology to Black Scorpion Miniatures

In my last post, I made a comment that previous messages to Black Scorpion had gone unanswered: Sadly it seems that there is no good solution (except possibly not buying Black Scorpion). It is a real shame given how nice the sculpts are and how affordable it is to buy a complete team. I will be sending a link to this article to the support team at Black Scorpion, asking them to reconsider their resin choices but previous correspondence has gone unanswered so I have little hope this will make any difference. This was utterly incorrect. I have had several correspondences with Black Scorpion, both about orders and about this issue of priming. I have no idea why I could not find these in my email however Black Scorpion kindly resent these messages: Thanks Adam I will try layering - not something I normally do! On Tue, 9 Feb 2016 at 15:16 Black Scorpion miniatures < mail@blackscorpionminiatures. com > wrote: Hi, Ah ok great, normally these things occur due to hand

Priming Black Scorpion Minis - Enhanced

This article is something of a follow up to my previous article about priming Black Scorpion miniatures. Not just because I am too lazy to write a real post, but this issue has been on my mind a lot recently as I am getting started on painting up another two black scorpion resin teams. In that first article, I concluded that  Rustoleum Painter's Touch Flat White Primer  works for these figures. These primers will eat very slightly into the surface and help holds the paint. Since this article went up, I have played out the rest of the Blood Bowl Season with the Amazon team that I painted with this method. Now I will say that the team was painted over some time and with some rough handling in between sessions and so they are certainly not the best figures I have, even so they seem to be wearing out faster than I would have expected and this lead me to go back to the drawing board with priming these troublesome Black Scorpion figures. Since asking the question around more widely


As with the Ogre team, I thought I would do a look back of my RoboRally paint job. This makes for the second successfully pimped out board game after The Simpsons Cluedo that I painted up a few years ago. I think the paint job on those is a little better than these, however they have been battered a little in the time since. I should try and get some pictures up at some point but for now, here is the evolution of the RoboRally bots: Trundlebot Twitch Zoombot (that pink was a pain in the ass) Stompbot Hulk x90 (My Favorite) Spinbot Hammerbot Everyone's favorite - Twonky! As you can tell - in my rush to get the last photo, I failed to pull Hulk x90 out of the box so had to take another pic of him on his own.

Get 'em while they're hot!

As promised, I have a a bunch of things for sale at the moment. All prices are super special friend discounted pricing and does not include P&P which I will calculate based on the specific order. Payments would be via PayPal or Google Wallet (or Cash if I see you in person). Board Games for sale: Ragados' BGG Marketplace 8 Impact Miniatures Scarecrows - $20 Colonel Schaefer's Last Chancers - $20 (Rare & OOP)  SOLD Full Painted & Magnetised Khador Metal Starter Set with Commander Sorscha - $30 (Terrible photo of good paint job) 4 primed plastic Orc Lineman - $5 5 Halflings (3rd Ed) - $12 4 Plastic Dwarf linemen (2nd Ed) - $12 Naggaroth Nightmares (BB 3rd Ed) - 11 Dark Elves (only 1 witch elf) - $40  SOLD Complete Norsca Rampagers set (BB 3rd Ed) - 12 Norsemen - $50 SOLD Add a comment or reach out to me another way if anything catches your fancy :-)

Mighty Ogre rampage!

Well they're finally finished. The whole Ogre team... of course being Ogres... it would appear that they have eaten their coaching staff after a... disagreement... and are currently looking to hire a new Coach and Apothercary... budding applicants please submit your résumé to ***NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED*** I wanted to try a slightly different style to this post, rather than just posting photos of the latest progress, I wanted to do a montage of the Ogres as they progressed through their different stages! (Of course cynics amongst you may claim this is shameless reuse of previous material... and you'd be right!) First up were the Snotlings (aka 15mm Winged Goblins ); these guys were part of my batch speed painting efforts using Army Painter Goblin Green primer. I think I got the whole lot from blister to varnished in two weeks. I picked up the Ogres from Game Kastle Fremont  after playing a game of BloodBowl there. I'd had these models i