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Armies on Parade - Mortarion's Death Guard

Welcome to the final post of my Death Guard series of posts. It's taken far too long to post this up as I struggled for the longest time with how to go through the photos, get them all tagged etc etc. In the end I've pretty well figured I'd just cheat. To those of you that are visually impaired, my apologies - the photos are less well annotated than I usually aim for. The reason is just the sheer number that I've chosen to include. The intention is to give folks a sense of how the project progressed through the pictures. I will however front weight this with some of my thoughts. This is my second ever painted 'army' and the first where I've 'fully painted' (ie painted all the models I have and intended to paint). I know I will pick up a few more models for the army (I'd like to have one of each model available and maybe enough to run three crawlers, haulers and drones - I may even grab a few of the Forge World models). We'll see how far