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Warning - a bit of swearing in this one. Well I have been pretty quiet this month, as I often seem to be when I travel. I have not been idle and I have a few half formed posts waiting on projects to be finished but this post is not going to be about miniatures or painting of the hobby. Every year, at this time, I like to write a post about the things I have to be thankful for. (You can see my original post in this vein on another blog of mine back in 2014 here ). In successive years I have written these posts somewhat haphazardly and in various places but it is a practice I have come to value as Thanksgiving grows in my heart to be my favorite holiday. Looking back on that original post, it is interesting to see the things that have changed and the things that have stayed the same. I debated doing a review of the points in that original post but looking back, it just doesn't seem as relevant. Instead I am going to go through the things I have to be thankful for right now.

Say Hi to the Big Guys

Painting has progressed fairly well before I was struck down with a rather unpleasant case of food poisoning. The result has been stalling out on the work and not being able to complete my Chaos Pact team before leaving for the US. I have, however, got a few photos from before I caved to illness: Nuria Elena: Big and dumb and not afraid to admit it... coz he doesn't know what either of those words mean. Hinate Boin: Chanting the slogan 'Hinate SMASH!' onto the field, he sometimes even succeeds although it's a toss up whether he 'smashes' his own side or the opposition... or anything at all for that matter. Eagle Josc: I wanted to go for a classic GW Stone Troll look here and I'm pretty pleased with the result. I maybe should have upped the blue tones in the skin but other than that I'm really happy with how he's looking. The Flames on the shoulder pad came out better on him than any of the others. A little washing, some l