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Flavour of the Month

Yet another new idea for the blog. As you may have worked out if you read this on a regular basis I am big into lists and so I present my flavour of the month: Boardgame I most want to try: Formula D Boardgame I most want to play: Pandemic Boardgame I most want to buy: Treehouse Wargame I most want to try Firestorm: Armada Wargame I most want to play: DungeonBowl RPG I most want to try/play: Warhammer Fantasy 2nd Some additional points: I have recently realised I really can't afford all the games that look cool (let alone all the associated  expansions). To get around this issue I have determined that I won't buy a new game unplayed. The exception (and there had to be one) is variants/expansions such as the Munchkin family.

Orc Raiders of the Uncharted Seas

The fourth fleet to feature in the blog. The Orc Raiders were a lot of fun to paint, however the metal edging was delicate and easy to snap (and generally a bit of a pain to paint) Getting the sails grotty meant a lot of layers of paint and as you can see the effect varied a lot ship to ship. Eventually I want to add some transfers to the sails to give the ships a feature that will draw the eye, at the moment they are rather bland.