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A Day to Give Thanks

I have only been in the US for a few years and on previous Thanksgivings, that has meant taking some time to look back on all the things that I have to be thankful for in this world and put them down on (electronic) paper. In previous years this was done on another blog  which has since fallen by the wayside and I thought that this year, rather than resurrect that one, I would move to this one as my main blog. This year has seen a lot of shifting and changing, and whilst it has definitely not all been good, I'm still here. With so much going on, having a reason to really look on the good in life is really important so here goes: I am really really thankful to have a wonderful, supportive partner who deals with me when I am emo-y and a grouch. To all my friends, wherever you are, I am blessed to have so many of you, to call on you whenever and wherever and know you've got my back. I'd like to give an especially big shout to the Tuesday night gaming crew for dialing me in

Pinking it up

Yesterday, I suddenly realized that I had not actually shown any pictures of the Chaos Warriors of my Chaos team. This is because... well I haven't started painting them. They got primed... and that's as far as it has gone so far... The Minotaur has gotten a little further, although it's not too easy to tell. The base has been banded and the pink armor has been washed: The beastmen? Well they are now sporting matching garb!  And finally I have made a little more headway with the sheer fabric: I don't think this model is ever going to look great to me but I have learnt a lot in doing it and I think that the next one will look a lot better as a result. Well that's it for now. - Raggy, signing out

The Carnal Cavaliers

Well I have decided on a team name and I have made a little more headway: And the Ninja Gobbos are fully assembled, ready to be washed, primed and painted!

What's that skippy, there are two teams on the table?

Well it's been a little while since I have posted. A big part of this is that I just haven't been able to do as much painting and modeling lately with a massively increased workload and some other real world commitments. BABBL Season 3 is well under way, as I have mentioned before and I am now furiously working on my team for Season 4. After getting stomped all over as an Ogre player, I am next up going to try doing some stomping of my own as Chaos: That's right! right Turquoise... and it's going to get even better as the pads and belly plate will be pink. We are going full on Slaaneshi here folks. I am normally more of a Khornite when it comes to Chaos but there are possible Khorne and Nurgle teams of their own, this seems the best way to go. Of course West Coast Quake is also coming up soon and I am planning on having a bit of fun... with Goblins! I'll be biting, scratching, bombing, chainsawing, pogoing and of course, fouling my way to the bottom of the r