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Year in Review: Incomplete

There are a few things that I didn't get finished off before the end of the year. Not too many as one of the things I have gotten better at is finishing something before moving onto the next (we'll gloss over the massed ranks of Nuln and Samurai hiding in drawers, primed & unpainted...)
Carnal Cavaliers These guys are coming along pretty nicely. I am definitely struggling with Pink and Red highlighting and shading but they aren't too bad. I want to try and put a bit of freehand work onto them as there are nice big bits of plate mail and fabric to work on. My freehand work is probably the thing that has most improved this year and with the effects on the Ogres, I am really glad I put some time and effort into it. For these guys - I think they'd have been done by now if it hadn't been for the need to get the Goblins done up in time for Quake. 

Goblins It's not entirely fair for these guys all to be listed on the unpainted list. really it's only the Trolls…

Year in Review: Other Stuff

Blood Bowl is not the only thing I've been working on this year and although it has been my major focus, I have gotten a few other bits and bobs painted up:
Samurai One of my major drives this year has been to speed up my painting speed. I noticed when I was working on my Wood Elves in particular that I was very concerned about getting everything just so and it was taking far too long to get things painted up. I know that there are levels. I want figures that look good, especially on the table.
This drive towards painting faster (and to a better caliber) has taken a couple of forms, one is quantity, the other is on focus. The Ashigaru Yari are in the former quantity. These are figures I have had in my possession for years and never done anything with. I went on a bit of a crusade to get them assembled (WAY TOO MANY FIDDLY PIECES) and get them painted. With the Samurai, I was looking into how to really churn out a lot of figures, fast and at an acceptable standard. There are a few …

Year in Review: Blood Bowl

My major focus, painting-wise, has been Blood Bowl. In a year I have fully painted two teams, finished one and started another two. Of course painting five teams when I ended up buying 8 is not exactly reducing my lead mountain however I maintain it's still better than just buying which was my habit in the past. There are two things that make me even happier about how this year has gone, one is that I have been actually playing Blood Bowl again and the other is that my league has gotten me into a routine that is putting out these painted teams at a reasonable pace and then getting me to actually use them.

In my previous Year in Review post, I talked about the Wood Elves that I had actually started work on last year. In this post I will focus on the minis that I took from 0-60 in 2016:
Amazons Looking back on them now, the Piranha Swamp Steelers are not my best paint job by a long shot. I think part of this is just that I have gotten a lot better since I painted them but also I got…

Year in Review: Carried over

I have decided to end the year with a series of photos of what I have done this year. I would like to pretend that there is some narrative behind this that is really wonderful or enlightening to you, my loyal (I hope) reader... but honestly there are only selfish reasons for wanting to do this:

To show offTo feel good about myselfand mostly to motivate myself in the coming year to keep up the pace. In the first of these, I am looking at the figures that I had really started before this year started:

Wood Elves
Nearly finished off last year but it wasn't until this year that I was able to get the finishing touches to these guys done - just in time for West Coast Quake 2016!

Robo Rally
Ahhh RoboRally. I love this game but seldom get this to the table. I started painting the minis up a couple of years ago but finally got them finished up... just in time for this. A new edition... with prepainted minis... sigh. I am still pleased with how they came out... and maybe one day they'll …

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, I hope you have a great day surrounded by loved ones.

- Raggy, signing out

Blood Bowl Storage

I recently splashed some cash on some new storage for my rapidly increasing Blood Bowl collection. I picked up a couple of Feldherr cases and started rearranging my figures! This is only about half the collection:

I also got introduced to a cool new survey system to assess your gaming interests. My results are pretty much expected:

Let me know what your results are!

- Raggy, signing out

Show me some skin... goblin skin!

For a while now I have been primarily using png format for the images in my blog. I like high quality, lossless image formats and knowing that the image quality isn't degrading every time I edit it. I am willing to take the hit on file size for this however recently it has come to my attention that it is negatively impacting my page speeds. I am going to try using a middle ground going forwards where I use a jpg on the blog but it will link to the original png format for those that want to see the image in more detail. Hopefully this will help increase the speed, and reduce data usage for those on mobile network data.