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Another Year on the Farm

Hello folks! It's been a year! I've not been particularly active on this blog but hopefully as I go through all the things I've been up to it may be understandable as to why! The biggest project for us this year has been getting the house renovation done and although it's progressing well - it certainly is behind where we were hoping it would be (The original timeframe would have had us moving in before Christmas)... Sonoma County kindly made sure that wasn't an option by sitting on the permits for 6 months before even taking a first pass on them. Our contractor has been working diligently to keep things moving though and although there have been a few hiccups - we're moving in the right direction! The rest of the property has also had some great progress as we finally thinned out the back lot and even dealt with most of the poison oak back there. We need to figure out on going management but it's worlds better than it was. Burying the lead slighty, the ot