What's on the Table - October

So some headway with the Arkham Files investigators! I have actually now painted up all of the investigators that I had primed. I am probably going to put these aside for the moment so that I can focus on getting my Chaos Team painted up in time for the next season. Once they are sorted, I will get back and finish up the Investigators at least, hopefully get some of the monsters painted as well. One thing holding up the monsters is that I really want an airbrush for the blending to get really awesome supernatural color schemes on them.

This model is really providing me with some great challenges to lear new techniques. I have been posting these on my G+ Painting. Rusty NMM and shear fabrics are the two main focuses although you can also see that I am trying to experiment with lichens and how to give them some personality.

The coaching staff have made some good progress. I am actually already a bit further along than this pictures indicate but having been away over the weekend, I've not got a chance to take some pictures.

And finally - yup, another of these guys: Going for a blue with white markings on this fella.

- Raggy, signing out