The Green Meanies

A few weeks ago, I did a retrospective of my Ogres, showing the various developmental stages I had photographed on their way to the tabletop. It seemed to go down well with readers and so I thought I would make this a standard for any of the figures I have spent a reasonable amount of time working on. The Arkham Figures have not made the grade because I am often painting them in a single session so there is no opportunity to get photos of them in progress (I'm not about to stop and take a photo every few minutes folks, sorry!). However I have recently completed my first three reroll monsters the Green Meanies:

As you can see - I really wasn't sure how to get the green I wanted initially and ended up doing each one a different way. It was actually the Mummy Monster that ended up being the closest to what I wanted for the green color. Eventually I was able to bring the others to this color.

And now... 3D rotating AWESOMENESS of the finished figures:

Looking at these again there are a couple of things that I notice... the teeth on the three don't really match. Also the Mummy has no pupils... that wasn't really intentional... but I do kind of like it! What do you think?