Maiden on the Rock update

It is interesting that this model that I started painting on a whim has proven to become one of the most challenging models I have ever attempted to paint. I am now pretty far along. There is at least a base coat on all of the figure.

I have done all the metal work in a Non-Metallic Metal style with some rusting that I am pretty pleased with. The hair will eventually be blonde after I have highlighted it up from the brown base it started at. I am not sure why it seems so dark on this picture.

So with all of this done already, where's the difficulty? Well... there are two issues I am still facing. One is the sheer fabric/skin which I was expecting to be a major challenge as something that I hadn't attempted previously. The other thing that I really hadn't expected to have so much trouble with is the grass/moss/lichen... I just can't get it to be a color I a happy with. I think I need to do a little more research into the colors I should be looking for. If anyone has any good resources for this, please comment!

- Raggy, signing out