All aboard the Chaos Train

Three more ReRoll markers are completed, leaving just one to be painted (a leader ReRoll). The eventual plan is to have a set of alternative ReRoll markers for the opposition but I am not too worried about getting them sorted for the time being. These guys are already taking a stand beside the field:
 One thing I don't think I have shown on this blog before is a habit I have taken up this year of painting dates onto the underside of my painted minis. The idea of this is for me to be able to look back at my painting progress, how I have progressed, the changes that have been made, my rate of painting etc. It also in and of itself a easy way to practice freehand a little:

These little buggers have made some progress, there is still quite a bit to do on them, but I hope to get them finished in the next week.

I have made some slight progress with my Arkham minis. Behold... a Cultist! They're a little more colorful than most of the ones you see. I wanted to give an ethereal look, however I think that I may need to tone it down some.

The maiden on the rock is making some headway. I am likely to spend quite a while fiddling with the fabric to get it to the finish I am hoping for. I am also going to tone down the brightness of that grass! I love those vivid greens I have but they are a little much, even for me, sometimes.

Finally I have made a start on the team for our next Blood Bowl season! I am going to try and get these chaps painted up pretty fast so that I can move on to my team for the West Coast Quake - those Ninja Goblins I showed off a few posts ago! These are also Black Scorpion miniatures and I have the usual worries about their paint rubbing/chipping as I go so it's best to get them done and Varnished as fast as I can.

- Raggy, signing out