Nickel Gaming Update

So I have been a little busy this week with work and a project that I am working on for the new year. So instead of real, interesting updates... I have a status update on my Nickel list. The constant quest to get my games played at least 5 times each. This has not been a total success, but there has been some progress:

Roll for the Galaxy (2014)50
Mystic Vale (2016)50
Spyfall (2014)50
Say Bye to the Villains (2012)20
Munchkin Quest (2008)10
RR (2010)10
Guildhall Fantasy: Fellowship (2016)10
Eight Epics (2015)10
Jamaica (2007)41
Dystopian Wars (2010)41
Creationary (2009)41
Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game (2011)41
Ruse (2014)41
Kingdom Builder: Big Box (2014)41
Ice Cool (2016)41
Necromunda (1995)32
Zombies!!! (2001)32
Three-Dragon Ante (2005)32
Formula D (2008)32
Catacombs (2010)32
Lift it! (2012)32
Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails (2016)32
Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game (2015)32
UNO (1971)23
Descent: Journeys in the Dark(2005)23
The Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck and Card Game (1997)23
Wits & Wagers (2005)23
Go (-2200)23
Star Trek: Fleet Captains (2011)23
Foundation (2012)23
Rory's Story Cubes: Voyages (2011)23
HeroQuest (1989)23
Dominoes (1500)14
All Things Zombie (2005)14
Hybrid (2003)14
Minotaurus (2009)14
Firestorm Armada (2009)14
Hatch: the Dragonology Card Game (2006)14
Clue: The Simpsons (2002)14
DreadBall: The Futuristic Sports Game (2012)14
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game (2012)14
Monopoly: Star Wars Limited Collector's Edition (1996)05
SuperSystem (2000)05
SuperSystem (second edition)(2006)05
Project: Death Race (2009)05
Thud (2002)05
Shogi (1000)05
Tarot (1430)05
Harry Potter Hogwarts (2010)05
Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (2011)05
Escape from Atlantis (1986)05
London Dread (2016)05
Shogun Big Box (2015)05

So I got a few plays of Spyfall out with some colleagues and a game of Warhammer Quest with my girlfriend on the weekend. 

- Raggy, signing out