Apology to Black Scorpion Miniatures

In my last post, I made a comment that previous messages to Black Scorpion had gone unanswered:

Sadly it seems that there is no good solution (except possibly not buying Black Scorpion). It is a real shame given how nice the sculpts are and how affordable it is to buy a complete team. I will be sending a link to this article to the support team at Black Scorpion, asking them to reconsider their resin choices but previous correspondence has gone unanswered so I have little hope this will make any difference.

This was utterly incorrect. I have had several correspondences with Black Scorpion, both about orders and about this issue of priming. I have no idea why I could not find these in my email however Black Scorpion kindly resent these messages:
Thanks Adam I will try layering - not something I normally do!

On Tue, 9 Feb 2016 at 15:16 Black Scorpion miniatures <mail@blackscorpionminiatures.com> wrote:

Ah ok great, normally these things occur due to hand undercoating. It could be the type of spray doesn’t like resin or something odd. I would really emphasise just how light a mist I spray first, just speckles, not really important how it looks I then let that dry for a minute and return to spray light layers over that.

Trying a different spray might help if it persists.

Cheers, Adam. 

On 9 Feb 2016, at 22:47, Ragados <ragados@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks Adam, that's what I've been doing (not my first rodeo ;-) ) still been seeing a lot of flaking even just running my finger lightly over the figure. I'll keep trying and see what happens.

On Tue, 9 Feb 2016 at 14:46 Black Scorpion miniatures <mail@blackscorpionminiatures.com> wrote:

First ensure you are using a spray primer, black seems to work best. Ensure it’s shaken well.  Spray on short light bursts gradually building up.

Hope this helps!
Adam .

> On 9 Feb 2016, at 21:55, Dev Sodagar <ragados@gmail.com> wrote:
> Do you have any recommendations for priming your figures. I love the sculpts but have now tried two different primers on figures both washed and unwashed but am constantly having issues getting the primer to stick to the figures. This has never been an issue for any other figures I have worked on (inc other resin figures). Any advice?
> Cheers
> Dev

Black Scorpion also replied to my post when I sent it to them:
Hi Dev,

Thanks for sharing the link. I’m not sure from your email if it’s your article or you’re drawing our attention to it. I’ll answer some points here, apologies if you’re having issues. If it is your article  I think it a little unfair to write correspondence has gone unanswered when I can see emails with you and replies on the same issue.

I’ve personally never had any issues undercoating or with it staying on, I spray without any washing of the model.  I find the way a model is sprayed and what type of primer the main factors.

One thing to point out is the comparison of the two models, I can confirm we have always used the same resin. It may appear different in colour as a tint is added (it’s bright white resin otherwise) so the tiniest amount will make varying degrees of grey, sometimes lighter sometimes darker, but it’s still exactly the same resin. So the model that had no issues is exactly the same material as the one other one.

I highly recommend spraying in short light bursts, almost a freckled layer of spray first and slowly build up. Some people swear by cleaning models with soap and water, I don’t personally but might be worth trying/or not trying!. Using a quality primer designed for miniatures is essential, it will come off if scratched, but the point is to create a layer for the base coat to stick to. I also highly recommend varnishing them once done.
All the miniatures on our website and displayed at shows are sprayed from the same resin casts without any cleaning first.

Hope this helps,

Adam. - Black Scorpion.

> On 13 Sep 2016, at 15:55, Dev Sodagar <ragados@gmail.com> wrote:
> I am not sure if others have reported issues with priming your white resin but wanted to share this article with you: http://www.ragados.com/2016/09/priming-black-scorpion-minis-enhanced.html
> Cheers
> Dev

Adam also said the following:

Sorry if an email went unanswered. If that happens with no reply after a week just resend it, sometimes things slip through the net. 

We have had one conversation regarding priming though (maybe the one you’re referring to) , I’ll copy and paste it below though the suggestions are the same as I’ve written here. 

From what you’ve written it sounds like maybe a good couple of coats of varnish may help wonders once finished. 

Hope this helps, Adam. 

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Adam and all the folks at Black Scorpion. They have been very understanding and supportive to my requests. Their recommendations have not really fixed my priming issues and I will continue to try and find better options and post any findings here on the blog (I have a couple of friends trying out their techniques to see if they can find a better solution). I will of course update the blog with any new findings.
The last thing I will say is that Adam's suggestion of a couple of coats of varnish certainly does help a lot.

- Raggy, signing out