I'm not gonna lie, this is a bit of a fluffy post. I am a little addicted to spreadsheets, I have one for mapping my game plays, I have one for my Arkham Miniatures to track their progress and the Arkham Files games they can be used in... in short... I have an addiction. One of the spreadsheets I have is to track my sprawling Blood Bowl collection as I attempt to collect at least one fully complete team for every race. As of writing this I have... none... well that's a little harsh. I have 5 that are player complete. Mostly I am missing the wizards (some are also missing Coaches/Apothecaries). I have another 4 that basically just need painting... and then I have 6 on pre-order... or rather I have 5 that need painting and 5 on preorder because... ta da:

These beauties are Greebo Games' Ninja Goblins (Waag Saabi) and is a full team complete with 2 trolls, 4 secret weapons, a coach, a bunch of pet dragons and a bonus Sarcos leviathan it looks as though they threw in. Of course you can't tell much from this picture so I have an example of the team fully painted by cbaggery:

There are some close ups of the various models on his blog post, if you want to see more. They are gorgeous sculpts an these are fine painted examples.

This team is not going to be seeing progress any time soon as my next team to paint are Chaos in time for our league's Season 4. I am thinking of fielding them for West Coast Quake next year however so they may get painted up fairly soon.