Get 'em while they're hot!

As promised, I have a a bunch of things for sale at the moment. All prices are super special friend discounted pricing and does not include P&P which I will calculate based on the specific order. Payments would be via PayPal or Google Wallet (or Cash if I see you in person).

Board Games for sale: Ragados' BGG Marketplace

8 Impact Miniatures Scarecrows - $20

Colonel Schaefer's Last Chancers - $20 (Rare & OOP) SOLD

Full Painted & Magnetised Khador Metal Starter Set with Commander Sorscha - $30 (Terrible photo of good paint job)

4 primed plastic Orc Lineman - $5

5 Halflings (3rd Ed) - $12

4 Plastic Dwarf linemen (2nd Ed) - $12

Naggaroth Nightmares (BB 3rd Ed) - 11 Dark Elves (only 1 witch elf) - $40 SOLD

Complete Norsca Rampagers set (BB 3rd Ed) - 12 Norsemen - $50 SOLD
Add a comment or reach out to me another way if anything catches your fancy :-)