ReRoll Markers and more

It's been great to get so many things completed lately, but the trick to not stalling out is to always have something new to work on and so, here's the current project

Of course, these folks aren't exactly new, new. I started them alongside the Ogre team as a bit of relief, but with the Ogres done... it's time to focus on them (and maybe find a new thing for my light relief...)

The Green ones have made some more progress recently:

I'm really pleased that, despite having very different base coats applied, they've all come back to a fairly similar color tone. Much as I love the fluorescent green... the livid green seems enough for them to pop. These guys are nearly done. I want to smooth out the bandages a little more, develop the teeth a little and detail the eyes before I stop.

Of course I'm not one to get too focused on one thing at a time. There are a couple of odds and sods that I have been working on along side these guys... unfortunately my camera ran out of juice before I could take pictures of most of my recent efforts but here are some of the things I have done end to end in the last week:

It feels really good to be working on Mansions of Madness (1st Ed) miniatures. I have been a little heavy on the Blood Bowl in my head of late (planning the Chaos team for Season 4 of our league) so getting these guys done has been really rewarding. They got to the table last weekend as part of an Arkham Horror Game and I think painting up the minis for MoM is going to be the prerequisite for being allowed to buy the new edition... we'll see how well that pans out!

I intend to get some more photos shortly so stay tuned.

- Raggy, signing out