A few days of painting

Well as promised, this coming week I am looking forward to some dedicated painting time as I will be staying home to look after my girlfriend as she recovers from some surgery. A few of the figures I will be working to finish off are the ogres that I have been working on for waaay too long at this point, at the moment the skin is pretty much done (although it still looks too dusty for my tastes). I am now finishing off the metal, with highlighting on a few of them needing to be finished and then rusting. After that the trousers, armor and bases will need doing. I am also thinking that the belly plates may need a little more work (the teeth certainly need some shading!). It really feels like I have a lot to do still.

Working on these non-stop, intently for a week is probably going to drive me nuts, so I am planning on spacing them out a little with a few lighter projects that I have had on the back burner for a while now. First up - Robo Rally! These little critters are just awesomely cute. I have been meaning to get them painted for forever and I figured that this would make a good project and mirror my Simpson's Cluedo models which I painted up while looking after another sick friend recovering from surgery.

Finally, if I really get a lot done, I still have all those reroll markers for Blood Bowl that are part painted:

As you can see with the green reroll markers - I have really been unsure of how I want them to look and have ended up doing each a different way. What do you think is the best one?

I'll try and do another post in a week with the same set up so we can do a bit of a before and after comparison.